Unsane’s Acclaim

Hey guys!  So something I used to do was publish articles here that I also put in my high school newspaper, but being in college now, I typically dedicate most of my movie writing to the essays I do in classes (and the occasional post on here……).  But I figured my essays could be a great way of keeping you all up to date on what I’m watching and writing while in film school.

So last semester I took a class entirely based around Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography.  I watched, I think, 20-25 of his movies?  And I was assigned to compare a 2018 thriller to Hitchcock’s work and style.  So here goes!

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Monthly Roundup: Movies March 2019

Hey all! Back again with another quick recap of what I’ve seen in my brief time over the past month.  Mostly movies, not including the stuff I’ve watched for class or any other non-in-theater, non-for-fun reason.  These are brief, but enjoy!

Captain Marvel:  not as great as I wanted, still enjoyable though.  Worried the character is overpowered for Avengers: Endgame, but still made for a unique origin story.  Wish the lore surrounding the memory loss was more clear, but the twist was good, as was everything on Earth w/ Nick Fury.
Us:  GREAT!  Really interesting, thought provoking, scary…  Everybody keeps asking if it’s better than “Get Out,” but it’s 100% different.  This has the masterful directing of “It” meets the hallucinogenic nature of “Annihilation.”  I was worried that the ending wouldn’t hold up on second watch, but it was even better!
Five Feet Apart: the surprise of the year so far!  There’s been a lot of “sick kid” movies and, although this isn’t as polished as “The Fault in Our Stars,” it feels more authentic.  Haley Lu Richardson gives an amazing lead performance and director Justin Baldoni really brings out this sense of heart and heartbreak that very few teen romcoms execute realistically.  This one does.
Shazam!: SOOOO fun!  But not in a mediocre way.  The humor and heart were there.  The chemistry between Zach Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer is what steals the movie for me, but the lore surrounding Shazam and how he gets his powers was still fascinating.  Kinda like a PG-13, less on-the-nose “Deadpool” when it comes to paying tribute to the superhero genre.  I was worried about the other kids in the foster family, who come across a little annoying and unnecessary, but don’t worry: wait until the end and their involvement makes COMPLETE sense.


So guys, that’s everything I’ve seen in the past month!  Let me know what you guys have checked out in the comments down below.  And as always, thanks so much for reading! 🙂

Monthly Roundup: Movies February 2019

So I did not do one of these last month, mainly because everything up until March is a crap shoot for me when it comes to watching movies.  However, since it’s a movie blog, I figured I’d keep you up to date with what I have seen recently (and what’s next for me; plus what’s in progress).  Let me know your thoughts on all of these down below!

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91st Best Picture Nominee Rankings

Hey guys!  So yeah, the Oscars were a few days ago, but I TOTALLY forgot to post this beforehand!  I had it saved in my Twitter drafts too because I almost posted it there.  Anyways, these are the 8 movies that were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars this year in the order of MY personal favorites.  Now I did LIKE all of these movies, I just loved some more than others.  And it’ll be no shock that my number one is the only movie that was in My Top 8 of the Year and the 8 Best Picture Nominees.

Alright, without further ado, here we go!

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