Top 5 Favorite Movies from First Semester of Film School

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a typed out post, but Top # Lists are always a bit more dense and can be articulated slightly more clearly when typed out.

Plus, I’ve been a little sparse on posts for this month, but I’ve been managing the end of the school year, packing up and storing all my stuff in L.A., and beginning to work for the start of the summer back in Massachusetts.

However, this is a post I’ve wanted to do for a bunch of months now and will hopefully provide you guys with a few must-see movies to check out this summer. Because (as I alluded to before) I have officially completed my first semester at USC! I was in two film classes for my major and saw a ton of great movies. Over fourteen weeks, I saw one movie in each of my classes, so twenty-eight movies total. And in those two classes, I learned a lot from my professors, a lot from discussion, and a lot from each movie. And luckily, I enjoyed twenty-seven of those twenty-eight movies (the less said about The Help, the better…). So now, for your enjoyment and mine, I’m gonna count down my Top Five favorites of those twenty-eight movies (all twenty-eight, seen below).

So without further ado, here are my Top Five Favorite Movies from the First Semester at Film School!

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