Bad Moms Review

Mean Girls for Moms?  Yes please.

Brie Larson Cast as Captain Marvel!

Our First Female Superhero in the MCU has been cast, and There’s No Better Girl for the Job!

Stranger Things Season 1 Review


  • So if you guys haven’t heard by now, Stranger Things is a show that just dropped on Netflix.
  • And basically it takes place in 1983 and feels like Stephen King meets E.T. or Super 8 with more government secrets.
  • It follows this group of kids who are trying to solve a mystery, meanwhile there’s a lot of shady government stuff going on in a nearby lab.
  • It’s SUPER hard not to ruin this show, but I’m gonna do my best, and the short version of this review is: WATCH IT.
  • It’s only 8 Episodes, it’s on Netflix right now, have fun!

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