Welcome to My Movie Thoughts!!

If you’re here, then it means you probably want some information on my site.  I’m someone who loves movies and TV, but talking about them even more so.  So these are ALL my thoughts on movies, TV shows, my speculation on whether something will be good or bad, thoughts on the newest movie news etc.

And as of June 2015, I’ll give a one-sentence summary/rating of the movie at the end of each review, which are a little obscure.  So, in the order of best to worst my ratings are:

  • 5/5
  • It’s Awesome and Worth Seeing Multiple Times!
  • It’s a Good Time and Totally Worth Checking Out.
  • Ehh, It’s Okay But You Can Probably Skip This One…
  • Yeah it’s Definitely Not Worth Your Time

And I’ll sign off every post by asking you guys to leave a comment on what you think about my topic of discussion if you agree or disagree.  Welcome to My Movie Thoughts!

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