91st Best Picture Nominee Rankings

Hey guys!  So yeah, the Oscars were a few days ago, but I TOTALLY forgot to post this beforehand!  I had it saved in my Twitter drafts too because I almost posted it there.  Anyways, these are the 8 movies that were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars this year in the order of MY personal favorites.  Now I did LIKE all of these movies, I just loved some more than others.  And it’ll be no shock that my number one is the only movie that was in My Top 8 of the Year and the 8 Best Picture Nominees.

Alright, without further ado, here we go!

8.  Green Book

Yeah, so the winner wasn’t exactly my favorite…. I did an entire video on my issues with the film so check that out if you so wish.  The friendship was fine, Mahershala was GREAT, the directing was decent.  It was just way too oversimplified for my taste in a year where more dense and powerful and emotional and impactful movies like “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “Eighth Grade” weren’t even nominated. smh Academy. (you guys got it right for the most part though)

7. Bohemian Rhapsody

It was a concert movie. Enjoyable.  Best movie of the year? Nah.  GREAT lead performance, deserving of the win, but overall just forgettable and more like a music video than a film to me.  But hey, with over $800m worldwide, I’m kinda one of the few people to think that…

6. A Star is Born

Another movie to which I was indifferent. It didn’t feel as personal to me as I wish it did, but it was still great commentary on the creation of art, the drive to perform, and every road bump along the way.  The performances were awesome, the music was great, the direction was a little underwhelming, but seeing that I always enjoy a Best Picture that is in some way about entertainment, I wouldn’t have been let down by this.

5. Vice

I have a poster of “The Big Short” in my college dorm room.  Vice did not live up to that level for me, but it was still an insane story that used its style superbly.  Bale was excellent, so was Adams, so was Rockwell, Carell, Pill, Plemons, literally everyone.  The second half wasn’t as focused as the first half, but this was great commentary on the politically divided climate today.

4.  The Favourite

Speaking of great performances, The Favourite was filled with them.  This wasn’t so much an artistic achievement as it was an artsy movie that just felt entertaining.  I had fun watching it more so than a lot of these others movies and for that pure joyous value of scheming on screen, I commend The Favourite!

3. Roma

The movie that, in my opinion, should’ve won Best Picture.  Roma was beautifully shot, directed, written, acted.  It was relevant in how it dealt with Mexican identity.  It would have been literally the perfect Best Picture winner for 2019.  However, the Academy went a different way with it.  Fine.  If it did win, Alfonso Cuaron would’ve been tied with Walt Disney for the most Oscar wins by a single person in a single ceremony.  Crazyyyyy.  Some people say the movie is slow and uninteresting.  Go to a theater and see it there!  Netflix is dangerous in how easily you can just turn something off.  Stick with this thing.  Even if the ending isn’t the greatest and even if the entire thing is a bit sad and slow, it’s a beautiful addition to the medium of film.

2. BlacKkKlansman

This is one of the movies that just BARELY missed my Top 10 of 2018 video.  Gahhhhh.  It was number 10 for so long.  Spike Lee went super mainstream on this one, telling an exciting detective story and making a fascinating racial statement: there are fanatics on EVERY side of any political issue, no matter how widely public or minuscule and seemingly irrelevant it is.

  1. Black Panther


I mean duh!  Not only did it break barriers in being the first superhero movie ever nominated for Best Picture, but Black Panther won Outstanding Ensemble at the SAG Awards, picked up 3 Oscars, and changed the industry as we know it.  It was entertaining but important, a line that needs to be found by more films more often.  A beautiful coming-of-age story for King T’Challa, Black Panther does not offer the simplicity of others in this category (even the winner….) saying that “racism can be fixed after a few car rides!”  Rather, it tackles race by showing why we should all embrace our ethnic identities and how they make us a part of who we are and why we should love each other for those identities, bot build barriers.  As King T’Challa says, “in times of conflict, the foolish build barriers, but the wise build bridges…..”


Alright guys, that’s my order from last to first of what deserved to win Best Picture this year! (Just from my opinion.)  Leave me your rankings down below, I can’t wait to read all of them, and until next time, thank you guys so much for reading 🙂


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