Monthly Roundup: TV June 2019

Hello again friends, as I usually recap all of the movies I watch month-by-month, I’ve started doing the same as I watch more TV.  I feel like June as a month has COMPLETELY flown by and I’ve been reading more than watching much TV, so apologies for the brief nature of this list… However, the ones I’ve got are almost all definitely worth watching and I can’t wait to hear what you guys have been checking out as well!

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Black Mirror: San Junipero – Updated Review

Hey all, with Black Mirror returning next week (can’t wait!!), I figured I’d give you guys my updated review of my favorite episode of the show. Spoiler Alert: I still love it.  I contend San Junipero is possibly the best single hour of television that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, TLDR: it’s great!  However, I wrote this for my Intro the TV class back in the fall (I think I actually wrote the majority of it on my birthday? which was a delightful way to spend some downtime that day) and figured I’d spell out why you guys should definitely watch this episode before the series returns.

No spoilers! Enjoy!

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