Monthly Roundup: TV May 2019

Whoaaaa what?? I watched some TV?????? Yes! I’ve had slightly more free time to watch some shows in recent weeks and I’m thrilled to get a few thoughts on those out to you guys now that there’s enough to write about.  So without further ado, here are the few shows I’ve seen along with a sentence or two with what I though.

Barry (Season 2): the first episode of the season started a bit slow for me, but by the end of that episode, I was back in. I binged it during one afternoon and immediately wanted more by the season’s end. What smart timing on everything, clever writing, and amazing direction that’s still able to surprise us. Episode 4, in terms of story, is the best of the season. Episode 5 is the best in terms of direction. Man, the final scene of this season will break your heart…. Man. Hyped for Season 3, bring on more Barry! (And this fall, once I finally possibly accept American Vandal’s cancellation, this could take the cake as my favorite comedy currently on TV, if you can consider this a comedy……)

The Bachelorette (up to this week’s episode): Hannah B. has been a much more engaging Bachelorette than I would’ve imagined, so props to her! Luke P. is insane. Cam is insane (but we found that out pretty quickly). This week’s episode in particular laid the drama out so perfectly and just created such fun entertainment, no matter how cheesy it can get sometimes.

Riverdale (Season 3): at this point, either you’re on this hype train or you’re not. You gotta be a fan now, you can’t just start Riverdale going into Season 4.  I don’t know if the reveal of the Gargoyle King made much sense, but the finale was exciting and I think this season balanced multiple storylines well, unlike Season 2 which felt like it ran out of steam once the Black Hood was allegedly caught in Episode 10. Honestly though, what crackhead writer pitched this season?? (Cuz he or she deserves a raise). “The characters from Archie Comics, okay, they gotta break Archie outta jail, beat a life or death version of Dungeons & Dragons, all while taking down the local drug trade, operating a secret bar, and defeating a crazy cult.”

The Society (Pilot): apparently this was filmed like a half hour from my house?  Once again, featuring Kathryn Newton so I HAD to watch it. It was a bit slow for my taste, I may watch more, but not likely given the next show I’m gonna talk about. Premise was neat, but ultimately it felt like all the kids lacked common sense and I couldn’t get behind them.

The Sinner (Pilot): REALLY cool.  I still feel very in the dark. Both tonally and story-wise it reminded me of The Affair on Showtime (which I also still need to finish), which is a good thing.  I’m super curious to figure where things go and with only 8 episodes, I’ll make a day of watching the rest real soon.

The Office (Rewatch): this show just got better.  I hadn’t rewatched a ton of episodes before, but the quality was even better now that I knew where things were going and how certain seasons were structured.


But guys, those are just my thoughts on all of the TV I watched this month!  As per usual, let me know your thoughts on anything you saw recently by commenting below and, as always, thank you guys so much for reading. 🙂


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