Black Mirror: San Junipero – Updated Review

Hey all, with Black Mirror returning next week (can’t wait!!), I figured I’d give you guys my updated review of my favorite episode of the show. Spoiler Alert: I still love it.  I contend San Junipero is possibly the best single hour of television that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, TLDR: it’s great!  However, I wrote this for my Intro the TV class back in the fall (I think I actually wrote the majority of it on my birthday? which was a delightful way to spend some downtime that day) and figured I’d spell out why you guys should definitely watch this episode before the series returns.

No spoilers! Enjoy!

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The Hidden World of Non-Verbal Animation

Hey all!  Here’s an essay I wrote for my DreamWorks/Pixar class at school this past semester.  I was able to discuss the visual style of any DreamWorks or Pixar film and I specifically went out to see the latest How to Train Your Dragon (The Hidden World) so I could write about it (and add it to my list of movies seen in 2019).  Since I didn’t give you guys any succinct thoughts on it in February, enjoy this longer discussion!

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Monthly Roundup: Movies May 2019

Alright gang, it’s time once again for my monthly roundup of new release movies!  Luckily I’m trending even higher in movie count than I was at this point last year and May is largely to thank for that.  Last May, I only saw Deadpool 2, Book Club, and Solo, but this May was STACKED with lots of releases, good and bad (I saw so many I may even be missing one in here, but I think I got them all…?).  So without further ado, here are the movies I saw and a brief sentence or two of what I thought.

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