A to Z Pilot Review

A to Z was one of my more anticipated shows to premiere this fall, in fact it was my second most anticipated after Gotham. I thought it would have the sweet rom-com elements that How I Met Your Mother had, and would be a funnier dramedy than Go On while still having good drama.

So how was the show? It was alright.

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Summer Movie Season 2014 Roundup

The other day on The Huffington Post, I saw an article explaining why this summer was one of the worst for movies ever. Wait, really?

I mean financially, sure. I can understand that. But since I’m just a dude who enjoys talking about movies for pleasure, and looks at them for really fun and really cool movies (not just money-makers), I decided to do a post on why this summer was awesome for movies.

I didn’t start doing formal movie reviews until roughly the first/second week of June, so I didn’t get to talk about any of the May releases. Here I will give some brief thoughts though on those as they appear. But first, let’s look at the big picture.

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The Newsroom Season Two Review

If you haven’t read my review of The Newsroom Season One, feel free to click here and check that out. Also, if you haven’t seen it but want a verdict, don’t fret as this review and the Season One review are both spoiler-free.

Season Two of The Newsroom feels like a big departure from Season One, but not in a bad way.

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Selfie Review

In an attempt to review as many of the fall’s new shows as possible, I sat down with my brother the other day and watched the pilot of ‘Selfie’ premiering on ABC this fall.

The premiere episode of the show actually comes out online today, but since I have Charter On-Demand I was able to see it last week. You can watch the pilot through either if you’d like, but I’m here to tell you why that may not be a good idea.

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