Monthly Roundup: TV June 2019

Hello again friends, as I usually recap all of the movies I watch month-by-month, I’ve started doing the same as I watch more TV.  I feel like June as a month has COMPLETELY flown by and I’ve been reading more than watching much TV, so apologies for the brief nature of this list… However, the ones I’ve got are almost all definitely worth watching and I can’t wait to hear what you guys have been checking out as well!

Big Little Lies – the premiere was ehh.  Episode 2 was EXCELLENT.  This past week’s episode, 2×03 was somewhere in between.  This show hits its stride when it utilizes longer episode runtimes, really letting the drama build and simmer.  Episode 2, as previously mentioned, just unpacked so much and really felt like a reconciliation episode.  I need to see more of Zoë Kravitz’s story because hers has felt the least developed so far, but Nicole Kidman’s and Meryl Streep’s gets more and more interesting each week.  Them bringing Shailene Woodley into their family drama too makes such good sense and honestly is something I never even thought would be a consequence (but it so makes sense that it is).  It may not be as good as Season 1 (yet), but I can’t wait for the rest of the season and hopes it ends with just as resounding of a bang.

Euphoria – the plot runs a little thin, but the character work is excellent, with each of the main players feeling super well realized.  Zendaya feels like more of a narrator than anything else, but utilizing her eyes is definitely a unique perspective.  I do think the show goes a bit too far to some extremes, but it’s all for the style that the creator wants and it never feels SO excessive.  Nothing has pushed the boundaries TOO far yet, but I’m cautiously waiting to see if it does, just because everyone who watches this show already seems to be on edge because of the content.

GLOW (Season 1) – I’m addicted to this show.  I still haven’t finished Season 2, but speaking just to Season 1, the character arcs are strong, the dynamics are great, Marc Maron plays the perfect filmmaker type for this kind of event, it’s all wonderful.  As someone who doesn’t like wrestling at all, this show is much more of a story about getting your dreams to come true than it is about the behind-the-scenes drama of a wrestling show.  HIGHLY recommended.

The Bachelorette – HOW is Luke still on this show, some will ask?  Because he makes for GREAT TV!  I realized this past week that Garrett is my new favorite (after Hannah made the biggest mistake of her life sending John Paul Jones home, rest in peace) because he just laughs any time Luke gets into some kind of drama.  Garrett at least knows how silly it all is.  My money is on Peter for the win, but at this point who even knows.  Also LOVE Mike, but I hope he’s next year’s Bachelor instead of Hannah’s winner.

Jeopardy! – the Teen Tournament was hysterical man.  Do you guys know I actually auditioned in New York to be in the Jeopardy Teen Tournament?  True Story.  And this year they did TWO!  Just a couple years after I don’t make it.  Shame….  The kid who won was wicked smart though and pretty much everyone I saw play earned their spot there, so props to all!

Scream Queens – watched the Pilot and was immediately in love.  Can’t wait to watch every episode of this two season run, it’s just the right amount of trashy for me.  Plus, a RIDICULOUSLY famous cast! Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, and MORE!


But guys, those are just the shows that I’VE been watching this past month, be sure to leave all of yours in the comments down below! I look forward to reading all of them and taking any suggestions for July (but believe me, Stranger Things 3 is already on the list).  And as always, thank you guys so much for reading. 🙂


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