Six Years of My Movie Thoughts!! (and some cool news!!!)

Oh hello, long time no see!  Or, I suppose long time no content from me?

Well…  As the title of this post suggests, today marks the SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY of when I first started writing posts for this site!  What a wild six years it’s been…

Though I haven’t necessarily been as active posting things this past year, I’ve been so encouraged to see that views are still high and people are still interested (at least in some capacity…) with what I have to say!  So as always, I want to send you a heartfelt thank you!

ANDDDDDD with that said, I do have a tiny bit of cool news to share with you all (what better time to do so than now).

Over the past few months, I (like many of you) have been sheltering in place and watching TONS of new content – whether it be movies, TV shows, Quibis, etc.  AND I have lots of opinions on what I’ve seen.

Though I’m not ready to launch or re-launch anything right away, tune into the site later this week and I think you’ll be happy to find that there’s something new in form, but similar in tone to a lot of the Thoughts I’ve published in the past.

AND (because that previous paragraph is so incredibly vague…), I’ll tell you that these “new posts” will be kept on a relatively tight schedule.  You can expect some new content from me every week for the next few weeks.  And THAT’s a promise.

Once again, stay tuned, the first of my new pieces will be out later this week and I think you guys will enjoy it.  A big reason I haven’t started doing these sooner is because of work schedules and I wrote some scripts of my own during the quarantine so far.  BUT since my interest in talking about movies never ends, look forward to this new material from me very VERY soon.

Until then guys, thank you for Six Wonderful Years and Thank You So Much for Reading! 🙂


2020 My Movie Thoughts Awards!!

Hey gang, so the Oscars were last night and, as weird as it may sound, they kinda nailed it.  The ceremony itself was fine, but I was thrilled by all the winners: my personal Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2019 (Rocketman, Marriage Story, Ford V Ferrari, Toy Story 4, and Little Women) ALL won at least one award and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I also LOVE Parasite, 1917, Jojo Rabbit, and wish a huge congrats to all of the other winners.

BUT…every year, I do offer my PERSONAL awards (usually a little bit earlier than this…) honoring the Best Movies, Performances, Ensembles, etc. of the year.  Disclaimer: these awards are not actually worthy anything except bragging rights, I cannot provide any money or trophy, however if you want to provide ME with money or a trophy, I’ll gladly take it all for myself.

Now, let’s kick off the 2020 My Movie Thoughts Awards!!

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of Summer 2019

Well gang, as crazy as it may sound, Summer 2019 is already half over! (nooooooooooooo) And even though there’s still plenty of time before school starts up again, there’s only two more months of exciting movie-going before the fall festivals kick into high gear and my movie-going habit starts to get crazy jam-packed again. In these next two months though, we have TONS of highly anticipated new releases and I wanted to count down for you all my Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of Summer 2019. Here we go!

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