Top 10 Superhero Movies of the 2010s (so far)

There’s something inescapable about superheroes. Whether it be the big action spectacles, the tights, or the image of the man who we all imagined becoming one day (*sniff* there’s still time…), we live in an age of superheroes. (NOT an Age of Ultron. That would be bad.) Since we, as a society, always strive for the best and need to sort things into specific little boxes, I thought that this was a perfect time to consider some of the best superhero movies that have debuted on the big screen recently.

But first, some disclaimers! FIRST: These are just the movies. I love Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Arrow (the first two seasons at least…) and most other superhero TV as much as the next guy. However, we’re only focusing on the big budget releases in theaters for today. SECOND: These are just the recent movies. As in, these films have all comes out after January 1st, 2010. I did a Top 10 Superhero Movies Ever list a couple years ago and it quickly became outdated, so I’ll wait a little while before doing one again… Regardless, some of the best Superhero Movies have come out just in the past seven years! THIRD: This is only my list. There are gonna be some movies that you love that simply didn’t make this list, so feel free to rant to your friends or leave a comment about it. I’d love to hear what your take it and what your favorites are, for real!

BUT, now with all those disclaimers out of the way, let’s dive into the Top 10 Best Superhero Movies of the 2010s! (So far)

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2017 My Movie Thoughts Awards!

Well guys, awards season is sweeping through Hollywood!  I’ll do my Oscar predictions for ya’ll in a couple weeks, but the SAGs just hit, as did the PGAs, so I thought I’d give out my own fake awards to some movies, recognizing more than just my favorite movies of the year.

So without further ado, here are some awards for some movies I thought would be worth recognizing!

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EDITORIAL: Is the DC Cinematic Universe in Trouble?


  • Hey guys!
  • So in the past few months, we’ve heard a LOT about this DC Cinematic Universe, especially after the release of Batman v. Superman.
  • I was actually a fan of Batman v. Superman, there were certainly things about it that didn’t work, but overall I thought it was pretty cool and a solid start to the universe.
  • That being said, I was super excited for Suicide Squad and The Flash and Justice League…
  • But in the past month, even just this past week, there’s been a lot of news that makes me wonder: is the DC Cinematic Universe in Trouble?
  • I think the answer is yes.
  • Now granted, I’m just a kid living in Boston. I know nothing!
  • But these are the indicators that make me a little nervous for the production of the upcoming DC Universe movies…
  • And here’s why!

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EDITORIAL: Why I’m STILL Excited for Captain America: Civil War

Hey Guys!  The Editorials Return…  Don’t expect too many for a little while after this though. 😥  Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all sad!

Anyways, last weekend I was in New York then I was massively sick with that bug going around, so I couldn’t talk about the AWESOME new Captain America: Civil War trailer we got (which is awesome…).  And SPIDER-MAN!! But anyways, I decided instead to take that energy and kinda restate why this was my Most Anticipated Movie for 2016.  I basically did a post like this from last year, but now that we’ve seen some footage my thoughts are a little more formal and developed.  Enjoy!

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