2016 My Movie Thoughts Awards!


  • Alright guys, so it is Awards Season in Hollywood!
  • The Oscar nominations came out a few days ago and they were alright.
  • There were definitely a few snubs (Aaron Sorkin for Screenwriter, Inside Out for Best Picture, Emily Blunt for Lead Actress), but I was pretty happy overall with the results.
  • I think the Academy is an extremely credible awards ceremony, it’s one of my favorite nights of the year, but sometimes they still miss even more movies on their nominations list.
  • So I decided to compile my own list of Best Picture, Director, Actor, and a couple other categories.
  • And just to beat the Oscars, I put in my 3 nominations and 1 winner all together. So basically you’ll see my pick for best, followed by 2 runner-ups.
  • These aren’t necessarily my favorites of the year, you can check out my Top 10 here though, but they are the talents I think should be recognized more than they should be! (So says my humble opinion…)
  • So here we are in the 1st Annual My Movie Thoughts Awards!

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