Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of Summer 2019

Well gang, as crazy as it may sound, Summer 2019 is already half over! (nooooooooooooo) And even though there’s still plenty of time before school starts up again, there’s only two more months of exciting movie-going before the fall festivals kick into high gear and my movie-going habit starts to get crazy jam-packed again. In these next two months though, we have TONS of highly anticipated new releases and I wanted to count down for you all my Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of Summer 2019. Here we go!

  1. The Lion King – July 19th
    (this looks even more visually impressive than The Jungle Book and that, in and of itself, gets me more excited!)
  1. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – August 2nd
    (the more I see the trailer, the more stupid fun I know I’ll have with this movie)
  1. Ready or Not – August 23rd
    (based on that awesome first trailer, this looks like MY KIND of horror!)
  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – July 26th
    (that cast AND old school Hollywood… yes and please)
  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home – July 2nd
    (maybe unfair since I see this in two days…?)


    But guys, those are just MY Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of the Summer, be sure to comment yours down below!  I certainly look forward to hearing them all, we have plenty to go and I have a good feeling about the second half of summer compared to the first half.  And as always, thank you guys so much for reading. 🙂


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