The Hidden World of Non-Verbal Animation

Hey all!  Here’s an essay I wrote for my DreamWorks/Pixar class at school this past semester.  I was able to discuss the visual style of any DreamWorks or Pixar film and I specifically went out to see the latest How to Train Your Dragon (The Hidden World) so I could write about it (and add it to my list of movies seen in 2019).  Since I didn’t give you guys any succinct thoughts on it in February, enjoy this longer discussion!

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Monthly Roundup: TV May 2019

Whoaaaa what?? I watched some TV?????? Yes! I’ve had slightly more free time to watch some shows in recent weeks and I’m thrilled to get a few thoughts on those out to you guys now that there’s enough to write about.  So without further ado, here are the few shows I’ve seen along with a sentence or two with what I though.

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Monthly Roundup: Movies May 2019

Alright gang, it’s time once again for my monthly roundup of new release movies!  Luckily I’m trending even higher in movie count than I was at this point last year and May is largely to thank for that.  Last May, I only saw Deadpool 2, Book Club, and Solo, but this May was STACKED with lots of releases, good and bad (I saw so many I may even be missing one in here, but I think I got them all…?).  So without further ado, here are the movies I saw and a brief sentence or two of what I thought.

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My Favorite Trailer of the Last Few Weeks…

Okay guys, so every time I go to the movies, there’s always ONE trailer that plays.  Without fail, it’s played before every movie I’ve seen recently, whether that be Avengers: Endgame or Missing Link or Pet Sematary or any combination of these.

But typically a lot of the same trailers play before movies, so why does this stand out?

Because IT’S SO GOOD!!!

Now what trailer is this you may ask?

I’m not kidding, but here it is…

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