Why I’m Excited: Star Wars Episode VII

Guys let’s face it: Star Wars Episode VII is probably gonna be pretty awesome.

It’s funny because we have every indication it won’t be, yet I, and most of the Internet, are still rooting for it. Seriously, if you break it down there are a lot of reasons this movie couldn’t succeed.

First let’s examine the prequel trilogy. I was one of those kids growing up who saw A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi first, so I could recognize that the prequels weren’t good. I, as a kid, knew Jar Jar Binks was the most annoying thing ever and that Hayden Christensen was a horrible human being. This could just be a repeat of the prequels!  (For a fun picture that completely summarizes the prequels, scroll all the way to the bottom!)

Then we have the cast. The cast of this movie is pretty much unknowns. The only ones in the movie I’ve seen in movies before are Andy Serkis, Lupita N’yongo and the original trilogy actors. This leaves a lot of room for it to fall apart.

Then there’s the fact that there were issues with the script and release date arguments. J.J. Abrams wanted the movie to be pushed to summer 2016, but Disney kept it in 2015.

These are all logical arguments to why Episode VII may fail, but they’re also the strongest arguments to why it will succeed.

After the prequels left us all devastated, there is literally no way it could get any worse. J.J. Abrams: you don’t even have to try and it will be better than Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones (Revenge of the Sith was okay…).

Then the best part is: the cast is all unknown! This means that they’re all probably good actors who will really get to show themselves off. The original trilogy actors will probably have very small roles, but even they will be fine by my bets. And while we’re on this, J.J. Abrams is directing! He’s the sci-fi king! I was so happy when they announced he would be directing this, I couldn’t think of anyone else (except maybe Christopher Nolan) who would be as great.

And the script! Even though there were some script and release date issues, everything is being kept tightly underwraps and the writer of Empire Strikes Back collaborated with Abrams on this, setting it up for success.

To recap, Star Wars Episode VII has literally everything going against it, yet somehow, that’s what’s going to make it fantastic. When you put it into comparison with the prequels, assess the unknown cast and recognize how secretive the crew is being, you can’t deny: Star Wars Episode VII is probably gonna be pretty awesome.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Why I’m Excited for Star Wars Episode VII. What do you guys think Episode VII will be like? And what should I do a Worried/Excited bit on next? In either case, leave me a comment down below and thanks for reading guys.

(An image for your enjoyment…)

George Lucas Is Awful


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