Why I’m Excited: FOX’s Gotham

I was thinking of doing a ‘Fall TV Preview’ post, where I would say my thoughts on each new show coming out on each network, but then I realized there are some I’m more excited for than others, and– wait… Don’t I have a segment where I exclusively talk about things I’m more excited for than others? I do! It’s seems like forever since I’ve done one of these, but regardless, I’ve been catching up on 24: Live Another Day on Fox.com, and they always play the promos for Gotham. So here is Why I’m Excited: Gotham.

Gotham is a supposed origin story of not just Batman, but also James Gordon, the villains of Gotham, even Alfred! (I heard some rumor Alfred was gonna be an ex-Marine or something? Is that still happening?) And that origin story concept really gives the show some space to work into. Gotham can set up its first season as a real post-Thomas-and-Martha-Wayne’s’-deaths kind of story, where it really is the downright origin. And we see some supervillain origins, but also just Gordon’s war on crime in general. Then in Season 2 we can skip ahead a few years and see Bruce Wayne as a teenager, and Gordon could have some beard scruff or something. And there we can really see any villains growing into their characters. Maybe Penguin is getting a little fatter, or purchases a monocle? I’m assuming if the show does well, it will only last five seasons, six at the most. It is an origin story, but that doesn’t mean it needs to go on for an excess amount of time. And while I’m discussing the writing and plot of the show, I’ll move into the source material aspect.

Another reason why this show has the massive potential to succeed is the fact we know and love all of the characters. Even my mom can name a few Batman characters. Because of this, it will be really interesting to see where they come from and what’s happened in their past and how the evolve into the characters we know from the other media platforms. Continuing with this source material point, you guys know I’m not a huge comic book guy, though I have been reading a couple Batman graphic novels as of late. (And I’ll just settle it here: the term ‘nerd’ evolves over time. In the 70’s-80’s, a nerd was a smart and short kid who wore sweater vests. In the 90’s and early 20th century it was someone with braces who read comic books and dealt trading cards. In 2014, a nerd is someone who is an obsessive video game player, no matter what format. So yeah, reading graphic novels is now not nerdy, it’s retro.) In any case, if the show takes liberties where necessary, it could have some really sweet episodes on its hands. I know that the war on crime is a main focus of the show, so wouldn’t it be interesting to a Long Halloween or Holiday Killer episode? Maybe in Season 2 or 3, where Carmine Falcone is old enough to have a family.

Another smaller point I’ve heard is that the acting in this show is phenomenal. I heard some review of the pilot say that the guy playing Penguin in the Pilot does to Penguin what Ledger did to the Joker. I don’t know if it will be that good, but is nice to know we don’t just have people phoning in performances.

There are a lot of ads flying around right now promoting the show and most of them show the exact same thing: the Wayne parents are killed, shots of the young villains, Gordon doing a voiceover. However, there was one ad that peeked my particular interest, and I’ve linked it at the bottom of this article.

In conclusion though, Gotham looks like it’s going to have lots of room to grow and expand as a show, it has familiar characters I’m excited to see told in an origin genre and source material that could be really sweet set-ups. I think that whether the show is great or garbage, it will still get a really good amount of people to tune in every week. My prediction that may change is that Gotham will be the superhero show to compete with this season. I’m betting it beats out (at least in ratings) The Flash and obliterates Constantine. Gotham could be FOX’s real shot at a great superhero show, like Arrow was for CW. And in simple terms, that’s why I’m excited.


So guys, those are my predictions on FOX’s Gotham, which begins airing Monday September 22nd at 8 p.m. What are your guys’ thoughts, and are you gonna watch Gotham? Let me know down below! Don’t forget to like the site’s new Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MyMovieThoughts) and until next time, thanks for reading guys.


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