Batman Begins Review

For those of you who are not aware, this year (2014), is the 75th anniversary of the creation of Batman. For those of you even less aware, DC Comics marked July 23rd, 2014 Batman Day. Therefore, I’ll be releasing the rest of my Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy Reviews today: this one (Batman Begins), The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler-Filled. But I’ll get to those, first let’s start on this review!

As you all know, The Dark Knight is my second favorite film of all time. I recently expanded my list from 10 positions to 20, and Batman Begins filed in at Number 14.

Batman Begins is the movie that really solidified the point 2000’s X-Men made: in this new century, superhero movies will no longer be a joke. I know that before Batman Begins was even an idea at Warner Brothers, Darren Aronofsky had a script that was supposed to be a darker take on the hero, but his didn’t draw from any comic book lore at all. Like Alfred was African-American and he wasn’t even Alfred, he was Big Al, and he was an auto-mechanic or something stupid. Commissioner Gordon was suicidal and Bruce Wayne was homeless. The script is online, and I’m not knocking it, it just needed to draw more from the existing lore so fans of the comics would be in less of a rage. And that’s what this movie did! Batman Begins is the perfect blend of the lore Batman fans know and the mix of a dark and realistic element that revolutionized cinema as we know it today. This whole premise seems like enough to award the film a 5/5, but it just keeps going with going over-the-top.

The acting and actors in Batman Begins are top-notch. First off is Christian Bale as Batman. In my opinion, Christian Bale is the best Batman I’ve seen in my movie-viewing experience. He has the Bruce Wayne part of it down: an eccentric billionaire who means business when he wants to, but is also a playboy and well… Eccentric. But he also nails the Batman character. Bruce Wayne and Batman are really two different people united under one roof and that is what Batman Begins shows us. The audience can tell Bruce Wayne is Batman, but his voice and solemnness really (no pun intended) put a mask over Bruce Wayne. They’re different people all in one person and Christian Bale knows that, and he actively practices it in the role. Then my next favorite is Gary Oldman as James Gordon. Gary Oldman is such an experienced and diverse actor he can pull off any role he’s given. The only movie I’d say he’s better than this one (that I’ve seen) is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. His teeth are all rotting out and he’s screaming like a maniac, it’s insane. But after HP3, it’s definitely this entire Dark Knight Trilogy. Then Michael Caine plays Alfred in the movie, and he totally nails Alfred. Alfred is the comic relief that works. Usually kid actors and old people can be as annoying as it gets in movies, but Michael Caine shows that comic relief in these serious movies is not a bad thing at all. And Morgan Freeman is in the movie as another less-old but still kinda old comic relief character Lucius Fox. Fox is Bruce Wayne’s supplier of anything he needs as Batman, though it’s all business, like no questions asked business. Morgan Freeman is also my one exception to the prior rule: he’s old, but good in anything he’s in. An old guy in this movie who isn’t comic relief is Liam Neeson, and yeah Liam Neeson is cool in this movie as he is in every movie. He’s the most serious and determined of the characters, which is all I’ll say without spoiling the movie. But a NOT old person in the movie is Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. I really like that Bruce Wayne’s love interest in the movie is a character with no previous appearances in Batman lore. I thought Katie Holmes was fine in the role, though I do prefer Maggie Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of her a bit more in The Dark Knight. And last but not least was Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. The only complaint I’ve ever heard about this movie is that Scarecrow isn’t in it enough and that is a valid point, however you don’t really notice it unless you start to think about it. He totally nails his character and makes some fun cameos in the future movies.

As for the direction? It’s a Christopher Nolan movie, how do you think the direction is gonna be? I will take this opportunity to talk about the tone in general. Making a realistic Batman movie was such a good choice by Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan and everyone else who had any say in the matter. Batman Begins doesn’t feel like a superhero movie, it feels like it’s the story of a man and his triumph over fear. There are modern-day social implications and that makes the movie fantastic.

Batman Begins isn’t only a spectacular ‘comic book based’ movie but it’s a spectacular movie. No less, my 14th Favorite of All Time. Batman Begins is of course…

A 5/5.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Batman Begins. Did you guys know it was Batman Day, and who’s your favorite Batman superhero? Let me know down below! And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter, links also down below. And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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