The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere Review

Alright, this is going to be a SPOILER-HEAVY discussion of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen the show yet– wait, really? The spoilers are really the only way I can discuss this specific episode this far into the show though, so beware!

 I did really enjoy this episode, for the most part and the only thing I’m really skeptical about is where the show is going. You guys can watch the trailer I linked above, and that trailer is what I was expecting this whole season (or half season) to be. I guess all of that was contained in this episode, which makes it really awesome.

The first couple scenes of the season opener was brutally intense. The episode did a flashback to old Terminus and it looked pretty scary, but not nearly as scary as it is now.

Then we flash forward to where we left off at the end of last season, with Rick and the others trying to escape the train car. Needless to say, they don’t (yet). Rick, Bob Stookey, Daryl and Glenn are all taken into this weird torture chamber where the Terminus guys are supposed to kill them. This was a really intense and intriguing scene, not mention violent! This is actually one of the more violent episodes of the show. Several guys throats are slit, and the blood splashes out at the camera, ew!

And these were my favorite parts of the episode because they weren’t the exact same as last year’s midseason finale.

The season four midseason finale is actually my favorite episode of the show, but this episode felt like a desperate rehash of it, this time working from the inside out. Terminus seemed like a pretty secure place, so it seemed like the only reason the group got out was “because the writers say so”. I thought their escape was really intense, I was just lead to believe that more of the season would be spent captive at Terminus and not just back on the road, like the parts we all hated from last year. We want to see these horrible acts humanity has been reduced to, not the road to get there.

This makes me worried for the rest of the season because last year, episodes 9-15 all felt like filler from the prison to Terminus and nothing was really happening. This year, I don’t want the whole season to feel that way. If Gareth is coming after them on the road that’s okay, the same way if the Governor was still alive in episodes 9-15 last year that would be okay, because there’s still a threat!

What I’m trying to say is how essential a story is and how crucial an endgame needs to be in a show like this. Let’s say that the group gets to Washington D.C. in, like, Episode 8 of this season. The what? They’ve already been renewed for Season Six, so they need some kind of other threat or complication.

That seemed like way too long a tangent, but it was a justified one.

Regardless, I did really enjoy the Premiere of The Walking Dead Season Five and I do hope that it goes someplace creepy and threatening for a while. I’m still really interested in what’s going on with the characters (especially Beth, God where is she?), and I do plan on tuning in through the rest of the season.


And I’m so happy they included that post-credits scene. I was hoping that this show would eventually, and they did it in the best possible way! Can’t wait to see more of Morgan.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Premiere of The Walking Dead Season Five. What were your thoughts? Let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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