Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies 2015


  • Happy New Year Everybody!
  • 2014 is far behind us, Top 10 Best and Top 5 Worst of that year is done.
    • Thank you all for the very positive responses to those!
    • Feel free to check those out (Best) (Worst)
  • So now, let’s look at the year ahead in film: 2015.
  • Over the past couple years, people have been proclaiming that 2015 will just be the Second Coming of Christ for Movies.
    • Is it though?
    • Is it really?
  • Sure, there are 10 Movies I’m really looking forward to in 2015, maybe 2 or 3 honorable mentions, but 2016 looks a lot more promising!
    • Maybe I’m biased.
    • Those are just my thoughts.
    • Feel free to leave your backlash in the comments below!
  • But without further ado, let’s do some honorable mentions!

Honorable Mentions

  • A couple interesting movies coming out in 2015 that I didn’t consider, but still interest me:
    • Paper Towns
    • Black Mass
    • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
  • Then there were 2 films that were THIS close to making the list, but I just cut cuz of the limit to 10.
    • Tomorrowland, which I think is going to be really good.
      • Some people say it will be phenomenal, and I don’t know, I hope so.
      • But I think it will be a really cool and unique story.
    • Inside Out
      • Which looks like it’s going to be a really, really cool return to form for Pixar.
    • Those Honorable Mentions out of the way, let’s get on to this actual list!


  • Keep in mind, these aren’t gonna be the 10 Movies that I think will be the best of 2015.
    • These are the 10 Movies that I’m excited for in 2015 for one reason or another.
  • That being said, Taken 3 (which I refuse to call Tak3n) is Number 10!
  • I loved the original Taken, but Taken 2 was a pretty lousy sequel.
  • It looks like Taken 3 has a more solid storyline that was thought through, and it looks like there will be some really sweet action.
  • Taken 3 will also be one of the first movies I see in 2015, so that’s why it gets to kick off the list.
    • The reviews from other reviewers will probably start coming out right after I post this saying, “it’s the same movie as the first two!”


  • Inside out didn’t make the list, but one animated movie did!
  • Peanuts is the animated representation on this list.
    • It’s funny:
      • On my Top 10 Best of 2014, I had a wildcard at number 10 and animated at number 9.
      • Same thing here…
    • I put Peanuts at this spot over Inside Out because Peanuts looks like it could be a really cool telling of the Charlie Brown gang story with modern animation.
    • It does have the potential to bomb, but I’m going to see it either way.


  • Neil Blomkamp is a juggernaut right now.
  • District 9 and Elysium were both phenomenal films.
    • In my opinion of course, I know some people hated Elysium, but I thought it was extremely well done.
  • Chappie looks like it could be a really intriguing science fiction film, but not a sci-fi.
    • It looks like they’re gonna incorporate a lot of action with a lot of scientific fact, which I think is really sweet.


  • Ant-Man.
  • I was as nervous as anyone when the whole “Edgar Wright has Left Ant-Man!” thing came out.
    • I knew Edgar Wright had been working on Ant-Man since before I knew who Edgar Wright even was.
  • I actually think that Ant-Man is going to be a surprise hit.
    • I think critically, monetarily.
    • I think every person will walk out of Ant-Man and immediately want a sequel.
  • Just my thoughts, but I’m really stoked for Ant-Man.


  • David O. Russell’s next project starring Jennifer Lawrence?
    • David O. Russell made The Fighter and American Hustle.  Excellent films.  He also made Silver Linings Playbook: my favorite film of all time.
    • Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress in Hollywood right now.
    • Bradley Cooper is one of the best actors in the business also.
  • How could I not be excited for this?


  • The Hateful Eight.
  • Quentin Tarantino is finally making his project The Hateful Eight that’s been on and off of hiatus for years now.
  • Django Unchained was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see what Tarantino has in store for us in his next western.


  • This project used to be called Bond 24, and I wish they kept that title.
    • It would have been the action-fan fantasy of James Bond teaming up with Jack Bauer.
  • That’s just a joke (of course).
  • I really like the title Spectre.
    • It’s the Bond organization that does evil and is menacing.
    • And it just sounds mysterious.
  • If the Spectre organization can bring a cool, mysterious, spy feel to the Bond franchise, I can’t wait.
  • Skyfall was one of the best spy movies I’ve seen in my life, and I’m really hoping Spectre can repeat that.


  • Sea of Trees.
  • Sea of what??
  • Most of you probably haven’t heard of this project, but it’s directed by Gus Van Sant (director of Good Will Hunting) and stars Matthew McConaughey as a professor who contemplates suicide in the Japanese Suicide Forest.
  • This film was made like RIGHT where I live.
    • Literally.
    • Like my local grocery store has a scene in it.
  • I’m so excited to see the area in which I live be converted onto the big screen with Matthew McConaughey (one of my favorite actors), and it honestly could have been my Number 2 or 1.
    • But there were two others…


  • I’m pretty sure anyone doing a “Top 10 Anticipated of 2015 List” has these two at their 2 and 1 respectively.
    • And I was flipping these back and forth, but here’s what we got.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy blew everyone’s minds, and we’re going right into Guardians which looks like it could be the darkest, most thought-provoking, and best Marvel movie yet.
  • I can’t wait to see all the Avengers back, the direction looks great, Ultron looks phenomenal.
  • I love how Marvel is expanding outward.
    • They’re setting up all these new projects like Civil War, but they still keep us excited for the very next one.
  • I can’t wait to see this movie, I’ll be in line at 11:59 on April 30th to see it.
  • It also had the best trailer of any movie this year.
  • Let’s note that trailer again.  Cuz it’s AWESOME.


  • Like I said, I was flipping these back and forth.
    • But if someone came to me tonight and said, “you can either see Avengers: Age of Ultron or Star Wars: The Force Awakens right now, which would you choose.
  • And I’d choose Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • I remember being like 6 years old and being shown the original Star Wars (A New Hope) for the first time and thinking how awesome it was.
  • Throughout my childhood, I was really into the Lego Star Wars sets, and I read the junior novelizations of the original trilogy.
    • Empire Strikes Back is still one of my favorite films and childhood reads to this day.
  • And when I was a little older, I saw the prequels for the first time.
    • I CAN’T hate on the prequels like everyone else cuz I wasn’t old enough to have waited my whole life for them.
    • However, even I recognized from a young age that they were different, and more boring that the originals.
      • That’s Junior John’s film critic mind in action!
    • I thought Jar Jar Binks was ANNOYING to the 10th
      • He was made for kids.
      • I was a kid seeing it.
      • And I thought he was annoying!
        • That’s movie fail 101!!
      • Regardless, I can’t wait to see the old school feel that Episode VII will hopefully have.
      • J.J. Abrams was my first choice as director of this project, I think he’ll do a fantastic job, as he respects the franchise so much.
      • The actors all looked great.
      • The trailer looks super sick.
      • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a movie I wish I didn’t have to wait all year for, but I do.
        • Taken 3 is Number 10 since it’s the first one on the list I get to see.
        • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Number 1 since it’s the last film on the list I get to see.
      • And it’s the movie I CAN’T WAIT to see the most in 2015.


So guys, those are My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015. What are your most anticipated? Let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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