March 2015 Update


  • Hello all!
  • For those of you who don’t know, this is the month that My Movie Thoughts dies.
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, before you click away let me explain myself.
  • This site isn’t going anywhere, it’s running strong and I’m loving doing it.
  • BUT, March and April are the two worst movie months of the year from my standpoint.
    • January and February are the worst in quality, but they’re still being cranked out, and maybe you get your one good one.
    • But March and April? Quality never exceeds mediocre and there are so few releases actually worth seeing.
  • So my average movie review count for a normal month (about 4 new releases) will probably dip to possibly 2 new releases.
    • Expect one for at least Insurgent.
  • That being said, I will try to do a few “Classic Reviews” of older movies, or some of my favorite movies.
  • As well as trailer talk, news coverage, etc.
  • Also, two bits that will be big:
    • Discussions.
    • TV Show Reviews.
  • I said in my 30 Rock review that you can expect a LOT of TV shows reviews coming up, and I’m currently working on one, with two others being drafted.
    • TV Show reviews take like 10 times the hours as a movie review (which I can crank out in about an hour)
  • And Discussions, as I’m calling them, will now be featured once a month(-ish)!
    • You guys really responded well to my RUMOR: Is Spider-Man Going Back to Marvel?, which is actually my favorite post on this site thus far.
    • So I wanted to make a monthly bit of longer posts where I talk about a current topic in the movie world.
    • I the next one about halfway done, and I think you guys will really like it….


So guys, that’s the March Update! Hope you all stay tuned in to the site over the next couple months before the Summer Movie Season is ushered in with all her glory. And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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