April 2015 Update


  • Hello All!
  • I just wanted to make a slight apology, but not really.
  • The past few months, as you all could probably deduce, weren’t great for movies.
  • There were plenty of movies that came out, but not a ton of reviews for me to do.
  • That being said, I was able to crank out 2 reviews, a LOT of Trailer Talks, and some news coverage.
  • THAT being said, this month of May will be a little lackluster the first week.  Of course we got an Avengers Review coming at you guys tomorrow night, followed probably by an Avengers Spoiler-Talk.
  • Then some news, trailers, if it’s worth talking about but then a review of Pitch Perfect 2 (cuz you guys know I’m reliable like that), definitely a review of Tomorrowland, definitely a review of Poltergeist.  And I’ll try to squeeze in either Hot Pursuit or San Andreas depending on which I have more time for.  Possible both, but with school wrapping up… Eh?
  • This summer will be chocked full of content though.

In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion, there’s the “slate” of My Movie Thoughts reviews hopefully coming at y’all for the next month or so, and yeah I apologize on behalf of the months of March and April at the cinema…  And ya know, for me not posting as much…  Anyways, and as always, thanks for reading guys.

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