One Year of My Movie Thoughts and New Rating System!!


  • Well, the title kinda sums up it!

One Year of My Movie Thoughts

  • Hello, hello everybody!
  • That’s right, today is the one year anniversary of the founding of My Movie Thoughts.
  • This year has flown by and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all, the fans, for coming to this site and supporting it and just engaging with anything I have to say.
  • This site isn’t my job, I don’t get paid for it, it’s just me talking about what I love and I’m unbelievably appreciative to all of you guys who read through all my posts, comment, tell your friends, and just have a good time along with me.
  • Here’s to another year with even more content and all the better of it to come!

New Rating System

  • The other announcement other than the thanking part is a new rating system I’ve developed.
  • Originally, over the first couple of reviews I didn’t even do ratings on this site. I’d just give my review and get out with a little bit of conclusion.
  • Then I decided to do a scale of 1 to 5, which worked pretty well but not perfectly.
  • The 1-5 scale was something (from the beginning) I found to be very vague and if I gave something a 3.3/5 that would seem like just some random number. You all might not know how I arrived there.
    • There were exceptions of course, like a 5/5 is something I considered to be a great film and 4/5 is almost there but still some issues here and there.
  • And very recently there have been movies that I’ve given super high scores but might not deserve THE highest ranking I have.
    • Or the other way, where it was a phenomenal movie that I gave a super high score despite its issues but did deserve a high ranking.
  • So if that didn’t make sense, the summary is: I developed a new style of movie rankings because having no system would drive ME crazy (not to mention you guys) but also to be a bit more clear on how much I liked the movie and how much I think you guys would like this movie/if you should even see it.
  • And yeah I will bold each one at the end of the review just to make it clear what I’m rating the movie officially.
  • SOOOO, the new highest rating instead of ‘5/5’ is “Five Stars.”
    • I originally was going to do YouTube video reviews which I might transition into in a couple years when I have better equipment, but anyway Five Stars was going to be my original highest ranking. It’s something smooth to say, it’s something professional, and it’s also just a great summary of how awesome something is. It’s not five actual stars (like the symbol) though, because it isn’t THAT profession.
    • Five Stars will basically take over for 5/5.
  • Then, the next highest rating will be, “It’s Awesome and Worth Seeing Multiple Times.”
    • Not just worth seeing multiple times, but it’s also awesome.
    • Replay value isn’t everything in a movie, but I always say that a movie is good if I want to go back and see it again.
    • So in this case, the movie is so awesome it’s worth seeing multiple times.
    • This will take the place of 4/5 and essentially anything between 4 – 4.9/5.
  • Then we have, “It’s a Good Time and Totally Worth Checking Out.”
    • One of the main reasons I’m doing this rating change is because sometimes I’d give a movie a 3/5 and my friends would think it’s a bad movie.
    • But 3/5 is good, it’s fresh, and in place of 3/5 and 3.5/5 is this rating.
    • It is a solid time, it’s a good movie, it’s worth checking out. Maybe not more than once, but if you see it, you wouldn’t regret it.
    • The last of the positive ratings!!
  • Then movie from the fresh side to the rotten side, we have the antithesis of the last rating which is, “ehh it’s okay, but you can probably skip this one.”
    • Because I think of myself as just a fan of movies, here it is just spelled out to you: it’s okay but probably not worth checking out.
    • Maybe on cable, but not worth your time and money in the theater.
    • Essentially taking the place of 2.5/5 and just the bad movies that aren’t horrible.
  • Then we have the penultimate one, “yeah it’s pretty lousy and DEFINITELY not worth your time.”
    • Essentially all the 2/5s and anything that (as you can tell) isn’t worth checking out.
    • This one goes out to all the Jupiter Ascendings in the audience…
  • Then we arrive at the final one, the Transformers 4 of all movie ratings… It is… UNWATCHABLE.
    • All caps!
    • Yeah these are the bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst, the ones that I couldn’t stand and neither should you.
    • And yes, you can read that in the Kimmy Schmidt theme song voice if you want.

In Conclusion

  • Well I hate to end on that bad note, but thank you guys again so much for getting My Movie Thoughts to one year, and I can’t wait to do even more with it!
  • Let me know if you like this new style of ratings and whether or not there are certain ones that are confusing.
    • I’m still toying with a couple of em myself…
  • And as always, thanks for reading guys.

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