Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Review

  • Alright guys, so going into this thing I wasn’t an enormous fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise.
  • I had seen Ghost Protocol and thought it was really cool, but I didn’t find it to be as phenomenal as everyone else said it was. I still thought it was really enjoyable though.
  • However…
  • Now I wanted to go back and watch/re-watch every other Mission: Impossible movie because Rogue Nation absolutely blew me away.
  • This is the best movie I have seen this summer and probably the best movie I’ve seen all year. I’m serious!

  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the FIFTH Mission: Impossible movie and is about Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF co-workers trying to take down this organization called the Syndicate. And the Syndicate is basically the anti-IMF. That’s the plot on the surface anyway, because it goes a bit deeper than that…
  • So Tom Cruise returns to star in this movie because you know you wanted to see more Tom Cruise after you bought the Edge of Tomorrow Blu-Ray.
  • And Tom Cruise continues to be a great action hero in this movie. Beyond that, you saw what makes Ethan Hunt tick.
  • Like I said, I haven’t seen Mission: Impossible 3, but I know they tried to humanize in that one apparently. Rogue Nation wasn’t an attempt to humanize him, but showed more of his motivation and what drives him.
  • That’s awesome, that’s what every movie character should have!
  • And then we got Simon Pegg in this movie.
  • Simon Pegg was hilarious in Ghost Protocol and he was hilarious in this movie. His role as Benji continues to crack me up, but in Rogue Nation he also had the chance for some more dramatic work which he pulled off really well!
  • Jeremy Renner returns in a slightly smaller role than last time, but he was a really cool character with an interesting subplot of his own. And I loved seeing him interacting with Ving Rhames who has a supporting role in the movie but is extremely well-functioning.
  • Alec Baldwin is a newcomer to the franchise and he fits in perfectly. He’s playing this C.I.A. guy who’s trying to shut down the IMF.
  • And one of this movie’s breakout stars is Rebecca Ferguson who plays the best female action hero that I’ve seen since Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow.
  • I have literally not seen this actress in anything else, but I have a good feeling that I’m gonna be seeing a lot more of her soon…
  • And I don’t remember the name of the actor who plays the villain in this movie, but he was spot-on too. He didn’t feel like a cartoony villain, but he was still fully developed and had good reasons for being nefarious. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a solid villain like that and this guy was great.
  • To summarize: Tom Cruise was great in the movie, Jeremy Renner was great in the movie, Simon Pegg was great in the movie, Alec Baldwin was great in the movie, Rebecca Ferguson was REALLY great in the movie, and the villain was awesome too!
  • Every actor in this movie hit their marks and made their characters come to life on screen.
  • This Mission: Impossible franchise is absurd for sure, but the actors bring the realistic aspects and fresh life to their characters that convince you that this is all actually happening. Because these feel like real people.
  • And those people are only enhanced by the script to this movie.
  • Christopher McQuarrie is writing and directing this movie, and he is fantastic in both regards.
  • The writing is great. Having an evil organization oppose your good organization is a pretty cliché premise. We’re seeing it again in 3 months for Spectre.
  • But Rogue Nation makes the stakes high, it shows you how this Syndicate formed, it shows you what they’re doing, it shows you why.
  • The script offers enough play time between the heroes and villains too that really makes the suspense build and that makes each action sequence feel good.
  • The script moves along absurdly well and develops characters while advancing story.
  • The story, though seemingly simple, has a lot of subplots to it and those all wrap-up extremely well too. Everything ends in a neat little bow, and I consider that to be a really good thing! Nothing is forgotten by the writer over the course of the movie.
  • And even though there is that complexity, and there are all those subplots, the movie is still accessible to newcomers in the franchise. You can walk in to this movie and still watch it and still love it.
  • Going back to those action sequences, this movie is directed beautifully.
  • With all due respect to Brad Bird, the action in this movie has more grit to it and feels more realistic and consequential.
  • And each action scene is better than the next. That plane scene that you saw in the trailer? That’s the first scene in the movie. And it’s only like the 5th or 6th best sequence in the movie!
  • The movie as a whole, not just the action, carries that tone of just being real and making you feel like the stakes are high. You’re constantly on the edge of your seat wondering what’s gonna happen next.
  • Christopher McQuarrie makes everything flow too.
  • I’ve heard some people say that this movie is about 10 or 15 minutes too long and I hear what you’re saying that there’s some progression towards the end which could have been trimmed, but ultimately the more of this movie that I saw the more of it that I loved.
  • Guys, this review is very simple. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was supposed to come out in December, but now it has time to get the love it deserves without being trampled by Star Wars.
  • This movie has great acting, everyone hits their mark, a phenomenal script, complexity yet accessibility, brilliant action and great character development.
  • Some people have said this is a ‘great action movie.’ To them, I disagree. I would say this is just a great movie.
  • And Mission: Impossible ­– Rogue Nation is… a 5/5.


  • My two favorite movies of the year now are Kingsman and Rogue Nation. Neither of those are even the main spy movie this year that I was looking forward to most! Spectre has some big shoes to fill now…


So guys, those are my thoughts on Mission: Impossible ­– Rogue Nation! What are your guys thoughts on this movie, and what’s your favorite Mission: Impossible so far? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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