EDITORIAL: The Importance of an Academy Award

The Importance of An Academy Award

an Editorial for My Movie Thoughts (and English Essay…) by, John Hayeck

Humans, since the conception of the species, have always had a strong urge to compete. Competitions can be simple or complex, but there is nearly always some reward at the end for the victor. As technology has advanced, awards have been created based on the merit of a work of art or entertainment. Since 1928, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have annually presented awards for achievement in film. The Academy Award, often called the Oscar, is considered by many to be the most recognizable and prestigious of the film industry awards. The Academy Awards is definitively the best movie award ceremony because it has a legitimate body of voters and a wide range of categories in which films are recognized. As more and more films are produced every year, it seems fit that such a competition exists to definitively rank the craft’s best achievements.

The Academy Awards are voted on by roughly 5,700 members of the film industry (Gray). The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an honorary organization that preserves the history of visual storytelling. Becoming a member of such an important organization is not an easy task. To join the Academy, one must have a body of work in the film industry that is considered impressive by many. Then, two members of the candidate’s profession who are already Academy members must nominate him or her for membership. Upon nomination, the Board of Governors (who run the Academy) will determine whether or not the candidate should be admitted. In many cases, the candidate will have previously been nominated for an Academy Award, an impressive feat on its own. Members can include actors, directors, screenwriters, costume designers, and many more (Academy Membership). This rigorous process and variety of talent shows that the Academy is not just open for anyone to join and is a credible voting organization of only the best in the film industry.

In addition to a qualified body of voters, the Academy Awards are also the best award because of how many films they nominate. Beginning in 2010, up to ten films could be nominated as the Best Picture of the year. This doubling of the previous five film limit was done in an effort to “satisfy audiences who wish for the Academy to acknowledge films with a wider appeal.” (Young) In 2001, the Academy also introduced a category for Best Animated Feature Film, which acknowledges the five best animated movies from a given year. Additionally, the Academy recognizes many blockbusters each year mainly in the visual effects categories. This increase in the number of Best Picture nominations has brought wider acknowledgement to great films and the additions of more categories recognize differently great films as well.

The Academy Awards are definitively the best film award in the industry. Based on the credibility of voting and the wide variety of recognized films, the awards ceremony is above all other competitors. The Golden Globes, in contrast, are voted upon by only sixty journalists and can only nominated five dramatic films and five comedic films (Members | Golden Globes). Addition, the Screen Actors Guild Awards only recognize acting in a set number of movies. The numerous factors of credibility and wide recognition add an even stronger sense of prestige to receiving an Academy Award and continue to fuel the desire for more competitive awards well into the future.

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