Why I’m Excited – Suicide Squad


  • Suicide Squad just dropped its third trailer to all of us excited fans and since I didn’t do a review of the 2nd trailer, I figured I’d combine that with my excitement thanks to this trailer and just talk about Why I’m Excited for Suicide Squad!

Premise of Movie

  • First reason to get excited for Suicide Squad?
  • The premise.
  • This is a team-up of a bunch of bad guys who are hired to maybe do some good for the government. If anything goes wrong on their mission though, since they’re bad guys, then they take all the blame.
  • And this premise is something we’ve never seen before in a movie.
  • We haven’t seen a villain team-up in superhero movies so far.
  • We were supposed to see it later this year with Sinister Six, but now we know that isn’t happening.
  • So luckily we’re getting Suicide Squad which looks like it has a really solid and grim tone with characters, some of which we know, some of which we don’t.

Trailers 2 and 3

  • Speaking of grim tone, it looks like they’re having a ton of fun with this movie though!
  • Based on that Bohemian Rhapsody song playing during the second trailer and the line “I’m known to be quite vexing” in the third trailer, this movie seems like it’s gonna be a really fun time.
  • After Batman v. Superman, some people want these DC movies to have more fun in them, and it looks like that’s what they’re doing with the Suicide Squad.
  • While we’re talking about these trailers too, I gotta say, I think I’m a bit more partial to the second trailer than the third trailer, but both are really well-cut trailers.
  • The first trailer too, the one from Comic-Con this past year, that wasn’t bad either!
  • For all the fun that this movie looks like it’s gonna be, that first trailer was good to come out with right out the gate and show off to us that this thing is still gonna be pretty grounded.
  • That’s why I liked this most recent trailer too, because the line about Superman taking the roof off the White House is a cool one that puts real perspective into this thing.

Balancing of Characters

  • Now I’ve talked about characters a little bit already, but the balancing of almost a dozen characters does worry me just a little bit.
  • It looks like Harley Quinn and Deadshot are gonna be in the forefront with that Flame Guy (who I think seems like a movie stealer).
  • Then you’ve got Jared Leto who I think will be a supporting role, and honestly, I’m hoping he’s the villain.
  • And also in supporting roles I’m assuming will be Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc and Enchantress.
  • Other than those guys I just mentioned though, I don’t think that there are too many characters who should be headlining this movie.
  • Ensemble movies can be really great, but you need to balance characters really well. I think that this movie will be balanced well, but on the chance that isn’t… Then that could be the movie’s one downfall.
  • Overall though, I’m really pumped for Suicide Squad. I think the trailers have been really great, the overall premise is cool, and the characters they’re bringing in certainly seem like a good ensemble (assuming they’re balanced well).
  • But guys, those are just my thoughts on why I’m Excited for Suicide Squad! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.

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