Two Years of My Movie Thoughts!!

Thank You!

  • Yes, you are reading that title correctly.
  • com celebrates its 2 year anniversary today!
  • I can’t believe it’s been two full years, it feels like I started this up just yesterday…
  • It’ll be really cool on Friday when I review “Now You See Me 2” because “Now You See Me” was the first movie I reviewed.
  • I guess that kinda brings things full circle…
  • But I could not justify posting this and celebrating all the fun I have on this website without thanking all of you.
  • Thank you all!!!!!
  • This past year, I made the switch over to Youtube where I do most of my new movie reviews and do TV show reviews, spoiler-filled reviews, trailer talk, and other stuff here.
  • That’s kind of a weird way to operate, half-videos, half-text, but you guys embrace it.
  • I have about an equal number of subscribers on both, with a significant more number of viewers coming to this site every month.
  • You guys are awesome, I appreciate you so much for watching, reading commenting, and sharing me with your friends.
  • I can’t wait for this summer full of movies, and I can’t wait for another great year!

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