Top 10 Best Movies 2019

The hiatus is over!  I saw exactly 100 new release movies this year, time to count down my Top 10 Favorites!

All 100 Movies I Saw This Year:

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Top 36 Movie Scenes of 2018

Hey all!  Every year, I always enjoy discussing my favorite movies of the year and I always enjoy following up with my favorite parts of movies.  Even though I limit my favorite movies of the year list to just ten, I went through the entire list of the movies I saw in 2018 and identified the particular scenes I LOVED even if I thought the movies were just okay or even underwhelming.

Which brings me to one small disclaimer: these are not necessarily from the best movies of the year (although, looking over it, essentially all of these were in my Top 30 of the year), but they are the best scenes of the year.  In that, they executed EXACTLY what I imagine the director entailed in production in making me feel a specific feeling in the best way it possibly could’ve happened, whether that emotion be laughing, crying, mourning, or celebrating.

So without further ado, here are my picks for the Top 36 Best Movie Scenes of 2018!  (last year it was 25, this year there were far too many to cut…)  (and these are in no particular order, they’re all great for different reasons, too many to number……..)

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