Four Years of My Movie Thoughts!!!!

Crazy, right!?

I can’t believe it’s already been four years because honestly they have flown by so quickly. But regardless, each year on June 8th I like to take a couple of moments to remember all the progress from the past year of the site.

Firstly, it’s been a CRAZY year!  Between starting film school and experiencing all of the amazing industry events that have come with it, it’s been a miracle I’ve been able to give my thoughts on any new release movies.  (That, combined with my general laziness towards anything…)  But on the other hand, it’s amazing that watching so many more movies over the past four years have really led me to a place where I’m able to more truly appreciate the art of film and filmmaking and everything that comes with it.  I’m certainly doing that now at film school and many of the movies I watch would not have the same experience had it not been for so many that I’ve seen just for fun in writing and recording these posts.

Secondly, I want to send a HUGE thank you to all of you readers and viewers out there!  I love talking about movies, but having an outlet and audience who listens and joins in on the conversation is so rewarding and leads to (as previously mentioned) my even greater appreciation of being a movie fan.  The content will continue coming in for all of you, including my 200+ YouTube subscribers and constantly growing hundreds of site-goers monthly.

Speaking of content, that leads me to my third and final point for this post.  As you may have noticed, January and May of 2018 were particularly slow months on the site.  Though a lack of content (including only Deadpool 2, Solo, and Book Club being three of the only new wide release movies in May) may have occurred then, I have no plans of slowing down this summer.  January was mainly due to my move and adjustment to school and May was due to my coming home from school, catching up with friends and my lady, and getting back to my part-time job.  While the movie month was slow, I’ve also caught up on and begun a lot of TV so look forward to reviews of some shows in the coming weeks.  I won’t guarantee every post you’ll see from me in June since things always change when it comes to scheduling on my end, but obviously The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will have reviews out as early as they release.  Additionally, by this time next week, I’ll have posts up for Hereditary and Hotel Artemis (and I’m still hoping to get one out for Upgrade, assuming it doesn’t leave theaters too quickly…).  With that said, a Riverdale Season 2 video will also be coming given how popular my Season 1 video was roughly a year ago.  And of course PLENTY more!

Thanks to all of you for reading and watching these past few years.  My Movie Thoughts has been a great opportunity for me to talk about what I love, hopefully the same has been true for those of you who listen and comment, and I look forward to continuing the same experience through this upcoming fifth year!!!!!


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