Top 10 Best Movies 2016



Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies 2016


  • Guys it is now 2016 on My Movie Thoughts!
  • And everywhere else…
  • And with a new year, we have a lot of new movies. 2016 has a lot of seemingly good ones coming out, so many that I couldn’t get them all on this list. (So honorable mentions go out to Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, Doctor Strange, and Now You See Me 2. You guys just missed the list!)
  • And I promise to see all the movies on the list this year.
    • Last year I skipped Chappie and Taken 3 cuz I heard they were horrible…
    • And Sea of Trees is having distribution problems I guess?
  • Anyways, that’s the preface, so let’s get on with this list!

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