Terminator: Genisys Review


  • Alright, now if you asked me a year ago before all the spelling-changes and trailers I would’ve said that Terminator: Genesis sounded super cool and could be a dark and gritty story like all the ones we seem to get nowadays.
    • Like how the new Fantastic Four looks.
  • If you asked me a week or two weeks ago, I’d say, “okay friend, here’s why I’m extremely worried and don’t think that movie’s gonna be good…”
  • If you ask me after seeing the movie though I can thoroughly say:
  • I had a really fun time with the first half of this movie. The second half got a bit convoluted…
  • And you guys are gonna hear me use the word “functional” more in this review than I ever have on this site before… Be forewarned.


  • And yes, I did put the bad trailer above not the spoiler-filled one.
  • Trust me, don’t even watch a trailer going into this movie. More on that later.
  • But anyways, Terminator: Jenny Smith is the story of the rebooted Terminator franchise!
  • It’s a very, very long and hard plot to describe but ultimately it’s a retelling of the events from the first two (especially the first) Terminator movies and then kind of fixing everything in the Terminator universe so they can work clean going forward.
  • And that’s what it’s about. Mostly…?

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