The Newsroom Season Two Review

If you haven’t read my review of The Newsroom Season One, feel free to click here and check that out. Also, if you haven’t seen it but want a verdict, don’t fret as this review and the Season One review are both spoiler-free.

Season Two of The Newsroom feels like a big departure from Season One, but not in a bad way.

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The Newsroom Season One Review

In terms of television, this show reminds me very much of Man of Steel. Not in regards to premise, nor direction, nor acting, but in terms of criticism. Anybody I’ve heard online either loves this show or hates this show or loves to hate it, or hates that they love it. It’s gotten so much criticism and I can understand why, but in terms of a television program, it really is one of the most fascinating shows we’ve had in recent history.

The Newsroom is about the team behind a popular cable news show, and all of the drama that goes on to make their show possible. And it’s brought to us by the mastermind behind The Social Network Aaron Sorkin. I was going to publish my Social Network review before this, but what you need to know is that I think its script was a masterpiece. It’s one of my favorite movies all of time, and it’s in my Top 5 scripts of all time. That being said, what could possibly go wrong here?

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