DC Cinematic Timeline Announced!

Alright guys, so any of you who have read this site know I have worries for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. So today I was gonna review 21 Jump Street, but then DC or someone close to DC, or some other pretty legit source announced the DC Cinematic Universe Lineup through the next 4 years. And, well… I guess I should talk about that…

So I’ll start it off year by year. You guys know my thoughts on the Batman vs. Superman movie, and I’ll be elaborating on those throughout my review. Feel free to check that out, I’ve probably already linked it twice, or three times. But then after May 2016 we have a “Shazam” movie coming out in July 2016 also. I had to look up who Shazam was, and I really hope the movie does him better than the brief bits I read. I know Dwayne Johnson is rumored to be playing him, and that could be kinda cool but we can’t just have him phone it on this one, and the character has to be done in such a way he isn’t some Captain America-esque weirdo. So I’m interested in seeing how that’s done, but the hopes aren’t high…

But then in Christmas 2016 we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sandman. That could be cool. I mean first it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the dude is so established in Hollywood now, almost anything he does is gonna be good. And the placement of him in the DC Cinematic Universe was unavoidable after The Dark Knight Rises, c’mon. I know this property was announced at least a few months ago too, so they already have a creative jump-start on Shazam.  This is the one I probably have the most hope in.

Then in May 2017 we have a Justice League movie! So here I’ll explain what I think is really bizarre about this schedule. So I worked and sometimes still work on a site where I publish the occasional short story. And sometimes I just get a time frame of two or three weeks where I’m feeling really ambitious and want to just mass-produce all of my great ideas! Then I set dates for the stories to come out, and then that day I have to apologize because the craze ended. THAT’S what I feel like DC is doing here. They’re being WAY too ambitious. They think that they’re going to put out 6 films in 2 years? Marvel’s not doing that well, and there’s no way on God’s Earth that they will! If you think about it Batman vs. Superman was delayed ten months, and there’s no doubt in my mind Justice League will be too. Especially because it’s released only one year after Batman vs. Superman, two months before Wonder Woman and only about 7 months before the Flash/Green Lantern team-up. Could it be done? Sure. Will it? Extremely doubtful.

But then going back to this ridiculous schedule, you then have Wonder Woman coming out in July 2017, which, okay. Wonder Woman might be alright. I think that it will be a movie that, if set up well by Justice League, could be a really cool origin story like Man of Steel was for Superman. But it has to stray away from the Justice League universe a bit and just focus on Wonder Woman for the majority.

And then, we’re introduced to two other heroes in December 2017 with the Flash/Green Lantern team-up! I do give DC props because those of you who read my Batman vs. Superman article know what I said on multiple set-up films. I said (and I’m paraphrasing) if DC just wants to establish a bunch of characters and lead up to Justice League, they should do two or three combo films, like Batman vs. Superman, a Flash and Wonder Woman team-up, then insert other Justice League set-up movie here. I ACTUALLY said this! I do give DC props for this idea of a combination of two characters in one movie, so in other terms, your welcome guys. But then going back to my complaints on the illogicalness, there’s a Flash TV show coming to the CW this fall. Like, that’s happening. So is the same actor gonna be Flash in the movies? I doubt it! What if you introduce Arrow, will he be played by the same actor? Probably not, and that’s a bad decision because there are a lot of DC fans who love that show! And also, not casting the guy from the Flash show negates the even existence of Arrow, because those two co-exist.

And continuing this, we then have the final announcement, which is an official sequel to Man of Steel is coming in May 2018, five years after the original was released. Alright then, I guess that DC just admitted that Batman vs. Superman is just set-up for Justice League, and not a Man of Steel sequel. Again, this is just showing how much of a rush DC is in to establish their own Cinematic Universe. They’re in such a rush, none of their announcements are even making sense anymore! Here’s what I mean.  So I’m guessing that Batman vs. Superman is now gonna be more of a “shared universe” type thing. Like we knew that Alfred would be in it, but does that mean Commissioner Gordon and Catwoman will be too? And then does that mean the guy playing Gordon on Gotham will be makeup-ed into the role, or does that just defeat that show too before it even starts airing!? And then since this is just a Justice League set-up shared universe movie, does that mean Lois Lane and Ma Kent will have lesser roles to include more Batman and Gotham city? Like when the script was being written, were these problems addressed, or is this written as a Man of Steel sequel that isn’t actually its sequel?

Yeah okay, a lot of that last part seemed rapid-fire, but it’s just that the illogic surrounding this whole thing is baffling to me and I’m running through all these speculation points. In the end, DC was probably trying to show us: “yeah, we are gonna do individual character movies and more team-ups following Justice League, don’t worry!” But really? There’s already one character I think can’t handle his own movie, two I actually am confident in, one that will have longevity issues, two more with longevity issues and probably contradictory scripts, so at the end of the day, DC, all you guys did is just get me more worried about your future Cinematic Universe…


Alright guys, so did you hear about this DC Cinematic Timeline News? If so, what do you think about it? And also, who’s your favorite DC superhero? Whatever those answers may be, leave me an answer in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


One thought on “DC Cinematic Timeline Announced!

  1. I totally agree with the strangeness of having a JL movie so soon and with so few members having a movie yet. Hopefully they can take the Shazam movie as a way to give an entirely different take on super-heroing. Having a full blown hero who is really 10 years old? There’s nothing else like it out there. But if they do use the Rock, I can just tell it’ll bomb.

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