Interstellar Trailer Review

So I wasn’t even gonna do a post today, but then I realized I really wanted to talk about Interstellar.

Guys I am excited for this movie. It’s Christopher Nolan, how can I not be! I’ll be discussing the first official trailer for this movie, the two and a half minute one, not the one minute teaser that is just a Matthew McConaughey voice-over. And speaking of whom, McConaughey is the first awesome part of this trailer.

The dude is at the place in his career where he’s taken over Hollywood in about 2 years. He won thousands of awards for Dallas Buyers Club last year, and he was completely awesome in it. He was in Mud, a really underrated movie he was also totally cool in. He had a memorable role for the 4 minutes he was in Wolf of Wall Street. And yes, I am watching True Detective right now, I’m about halfway through so the review for that by the end of the week. That’s probably my favorite role of his because of how dark and damaged he is, but the guy is just such a diverse actor he can do ANYTHING. The trailer shows us he’s playing an engineer in this, who’s also a family-man, and the couple flashes of him with his family it’s interesting to see how much he really cares about his kids and the emotional good-byes he’s having with them. And then the engineer bit takes us into the plot.

True Statement: guys, no one knows what this movie is about. I watched this trailer like twice after it was released online, again in the theater before Godzilla, and twice more prepping for this post, and I have no idea what the plot of the movie is. From what I read (on Wikipedia), it has something to do with space and blackholes and wormholes and maybe time travel! How cool would that be, Christopher Nolan doing time travel? The three franchises I think have done time travel true justice are: the Back to the Future trilogy, the first two Terminators and X-Men: Days of Future Past. This movie may be the fourth one, I really have faith in Christopher Nolan.

But going back to what the trailer does tell us, it appears there’s some kind of famine or crop shortage on Earth so Alfred recruits McConaughey to fix it, I guess… Like I said, I know next to nothing about this movie. But then there’s a montage of clips after McConaughey agrees to do it, where he’s getting on a space ship, and you see a shot (just a single shot) of Anne Hathaway, and McConaughey is doing a voice-over and you’re getting so jacked up! But my favorite bit is the very end, where the voice-over stops for a second, and their ship goes through what I believe to be a wormhole, and it’s just gone. It’s going really fast, then it just makes a little contact with that wormhole and it’s gone. Then McConaughey’s voice-over wraps up with the line, “I’m Comin’ Back”. That’s so cool!

I have a really good feeling about this movie guys. I’ve never been to the midnight or night before release of a movie before, but I’m really considering it for Interstellar. Because when a movie’s trailer alone can get a lazy person like me so excited and want to talk about it on a day I didn’t even want to do a post, that’s a movie worth seeing at the earliest time possible.


So guys those are my thoughts on the trailer for Interstellar coming November 7th. Have you guys seen the Interstellar trailer? I’ve put it right here if you haven’t. But what did you think about it? Whatever you thought leave me a comment down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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