Edge of Tomorrow Review

I was at the showing of this movie with a friend of mine who watches movies on his computer for free. This friend is always saying how he’s seen the newest movies either before they’re released, or the day they come out or something weird like that. Most of us don’t believe he actually does, but hey, we let him keep it. Anyway, he was telling the group of us going to see it, “oh this movie is a complete waste of time, huge dump of a movie, etc.”. And I’ll admit it, I too had my doubts going in, because the trailer made it look like a cheesy version of Pacific Rim crossed with Groundhog Day. However, I will admit that this movie is actually quite cool.

The movie is about this ongoing war with aliens called “Mimics” that is taking place on Earth. And Tom Cruise stars as this reluctant Army Major who is sent into a battle and then begins reliving the day over and over again. Like I said, I thought this movie would be a cheesy version of Pacific Rim crossed with Groundhog Day. I can now tell you that it is more like an alien-infested World War Z, crossed with 24: Live Another Day, with a dash of Groundhog Day. The premise of living the same day over and over again has been done before, sometimes good, sometimes bad. This is my favorite rendition of the technique. Yes, I thought Groundhog Day was hilarious, but it ultimately shows the exact same story beginning to end. This is a very unique style, like there is a lot of the day we don’t see being repeated, and there’s are often quick cuts between beginning and end that add humor, and sometimes we just see the end product of the conversation. I loved this style, and it defeated all worries about clichés that I had originally regarding the film, giving it a real 24-esque vibe.  (Plus part of it takes place in London, giving it the 24: Live Another Day vibe.)

Now onto the worries of cheesiness. I saw the trailer and assumed this would be just a mediocre action flick. The last “new” action movie I saw that really impressed me was Elysium, and though it doesn’t live up to those standards, it’s pretty close. So they’re fighting off aliens in this and the main thing about the aliens is: they look awesome. These things are cool, they’re like the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter’s children after an insane amount of Skittles. I always think to have a good alien invasion movie, you need good looking aliens and this proves my point exactly.

And those aliens look so cool in part because of the direction. Holy crap, this movie is well directed! There are a lot of great scenic shots, the action scenes look like cool action scenes. And what could be hard in directing this movie is having to do a lot of the same shots repeatedly, but director Doug Liman does them very well.

Another element of the movie that I thought worked really well was the humor. Now this is a straight-up action movie, but they use a lot of really easy humor, which would be a bummer if it didn’t work so well. It used what made Groundhog Day so efficient, which is lots of repetition and some character moments that really land the humor, making the movie more enjoyable as a whole.

In conclusion, this movie is a quite solid action movie, definitely my favorite since Elysium. Really great directing, very effective humor and a cliché premise that isn’t cliché? I guess it’s true, you have to have your own opinion on a movie. Besides, that friend of mine thinks the new Transformers is gonna be good…


So guys, those are my thoughts of Edge of Tomorrow. Did you guys see it, and what are your favorite action films of the past decade? Whatever those answers may be, let me know down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


2 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow Review

  1. I loved going to see this movie and agree that it was very good. Around the middle of the movie I began thinking I could just start predicting the entire rest of the movie, and felt that the plot was becoming somewhat monotonous. However within a few minutes I changed my mind as my predictions turned to dust and the plot became increasingly interesting and unique — especially with such a cliche theme — and a movie that I went into with little expectations, turned out to be one that really enjoyed. The one thing I didn’t find great about the movie was the very end, I just feel like the movie should have ended on stronger ground (but that is just my opinion, it was still a good ending).

  2. Hello John,

    The first of our many correspondence, I’m sure. Just going though my movie list, and cross referenceing them with yours. I would agree with your overall analysis of EOT. This movie was good. There was nothing terrible special about it, but it was great to watch. I work on a 10.0 scale, and this movie is about a 6.7. To the next movie!

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