My Top 6 Television Shows 2013-14

The TV reviews, they do not stop!  Seriously, this is like my fourth one in 3 days or something like that…

So guys today I’ll be listing out my Favorite Shows on TV from June 2013 to June 2014. I may be a little late on this, but I did want to catch up on a couple shows before I could make the official list. There were a couple shows that did not make it onto the list, despite being really great, and there were a couple shows I have not seen yet that I will in the next few weeks (Fargo specifically) that I couldn’t include because well, I haven’t seen them.


6. The Walking Dead Season 4

I was not as hardcore a fan this season as last, just in the sense that Season 3 of TWD could probably have cracked my Top 3 shows of last year. My favorite set of episodes this season were definitely the ones with the Governor, and the final two of the season. I feel like they were trying to go for a “Lost” esque thing in the back-eight, but it did feel a bit drag-on-ish. Don’t get me wrong, as I said I like the show, but it did have a few errors this season. However, I do think that this season has done a lot of great set-up and the show has potential for Season 5 to be even higher up on the list.


5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1

Yes, I will admit this is somewhat of a weird choice, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine made me laugh out loud every episode this season. The cast is so great, Andy Samberg especially, and the comedic timing is just exactly on-par. The show has great replay value as a comedy, and it having finished just its first season makes that only more impressive. This show has the potential to become one of the funniest shows on TV now that How I Met Your Mother and Community are off the air, and Season 1 is a great start to that.


4. Sherlock Series 3

The finest season of Sherlock to date. Benedict Cumberbatch kills it as Sherlock Holmes, as always. The plots of this season/series were just out-of the ballpark and it just got me really amped to see more Sherlock soon! I can hardly wait for 2016. I’m excited for X-Men Apocalypse, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and add Sherlock Series 4 to that list? 2016 is gonna be like the greatest year ever.


3. Community Season 5

Now we close in to numbers 3 and 2, which I switched back and forth for the longest time. If you guys are actually reading this and not just skimming the show names, you’ll know why this wasn’t my number 2 or number 1. Yes, Community is in my opinion the best show ever, but the best season of the show, if you read my review, is really Season 3. THAT would have been my number one a couple years ago, and even Season 2 would probably have been either one or two. This season was a great season of television, and like I said I was torn about having it here or at number 2, and it was a real close call. I almost had them tie, but that seems like a cop-out. So all you Community fans that have actually stuck here after my review, go ahead and black-list me now. I’m sorry Season 5 is only number three, on a show that I consider the best ever!!


2. True Detective Season 1

Yeah this is the reason why I didn’t get this article to you guys sooner. I was writing it up a few days ago, and then realized I should still probably check out at least the Pilot. So I did, and then realized that the show was in the running for a Top 10 spot. Then I realized I had to watch the whole show to determine exactly where, and at the end, yeah number two. I really expressed all my thoughts on this fantastic show in my review of Season 1, but I’ll say again how out-of-this-world the acting, particularly McConaughey was, how superb the writing and directing was and just how fantastic the dark and depressing tone was for the overall show. It would have been number one, but another 8 episodes just happened to beat it out…


1. Breaking Bad Season 5 (Part 2)

How could it not be? Here is a true statement: I have never seen Game of Thrones, and The Walkign Dead is great and all, but Breaking Bad is the greatest drama series to ever air on television, ever. The final 8 episodes were eight of my favorites, and they proved that not all final seasons to shows are awful all the time. Breaking Bad Season 5 (Part 2) was gritty, it was pretty dark, it was addictive, it was action-packed, it was heart-breaking and it was able to cook all of these elements into one showcase of eight great episodes, capping off the greatest television drama to date.


So guys, those were my favorite shows from this past television year! I’ll definitely do reviews for most of these in the next few months, so stayed tuned!  What were your favorite shows and do you agree with me list? Whatever those answers may be, let me know down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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