“The Batman” Rumored for 2019

So you guys seem to really like these DC Cinematic Universe rumor/rant posts that I do. First disclaimer: when writing these, I’m not trying to sound like some entitled brat sitting behind a computer calling DC and Warner Brothers out. Second Disclaimer: these are my opinions. I’m not saying that Batman v Superman is going to be awful, I’m just saying the why I have reason to believe it will be. Third disclaimer: this is not actually going to be a rant at all because if this rumor is true, I think it’s a good call on DC’s behalf. Fourth and Final Disclaimer: this is just a rumor, nothing has been confirmed yet about this potential film. I do enjoy just speculating about rumors, so if you’re actually reading this in 2019, and a Batman standalone film never happened, try to enjoy this.

So yes, the story that Latino Review broke earlier today is that Ben Affleck’s Batman is rumored to have his own standalone film in 2019 entitled: THE BATMAN. I think this may actually be a cool choice on DC’s behalf. I said I was a bit skeptical on Ben Affleck’s casting, but even if he’s horrible in Batman v Superman, he’ll still have had that movie and then Justice League to grow on me before his standalone film three years after his original introduction to us. And there are rumors Affleck may direct this one. Even if he’s horrible as Batman, he’s really good in the movies he directs. Affleck could make it a really cool crime movie, maybe where it’s even more of an ensemble. Batman and Gordon are working together with a couple of other GPD cops to take out the mob. That’s how I see it happening, kind of like The Town, which if you remember is one of my favorite movies. But Affleck’s direction and the actual wait time does give me hope.

I only actually have two minor flaws with this plan and they aren’t even huge ones. The first one, which I can almost resolve myself, is that Batman v Superman is based off of The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman is already in his forties. I don’t have an issue with this, though Affleck will be in his mid to late forties by the time this movie is being release. Could he do it? Sure. But going back to the Dark Knight Returns issue, what is the story that requires an older Batman gonna be? I don’t read any comic books, but I do know that Batman and Superman face off in The Dark Knight returns, which is probably the only inspiration they’re taking. So will they just draw from the rest of the comic? If so, that doesn’t leave much room for an individual franchise. Kind of a minor thing I’m sure the story will resolve. But my only other minor complaint is that DC is putting a lot of confidence in these movies. I know this won’t happen, but humor me. Let’s say Batman v Superman flops. I mean let’s say Captain America 3 completely obliterates it out of existence. Then what? Will Justice League still happen? Well the answer is yes to that because they’re shooting back to back. But after that? I seriously doubt if Batman v Superman flops/does just alright, or the same for Justice League, then they won’t want to lose any more money and cancel Wonder Woman, Flash/Green-Lantern and The Batman. Just some hypothetical scenarios to think about!

But other than those two minor issues, this is the first news from DC in a while I’ve been on their side for! Again, this is just a rumor for the time being, though if they do play their cards right, I could easily see a Ben Affleck directed and starring flick about Batman. I really like the title too, The Batman. I was just thinking the other day: they’ve done “The Dark Knight” now, in addition to “Batman”, “Batman Returns”, and a whole bunch of others. What will the next one be called? The Batman, really cool. Either that or The Caped Crusader. Or what about “The Bat-Man”? That would add some originality. In any case, I think this is some really cool news, and it actually gives me a little bit of hope for Batman v Superman.


So guys those are my thoughts on a rumor currently circulating the web. It is yet to be officially announced, though in the past couple hours more news outlets have been covering it. In any case, would you guys see “The Batman” starring Ben Affleck? And what’s the coolest possible name of a Batman movie? Whatever those answers may be, let me know down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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