Why I’m Excited: Marvel Phase 3

After my 4 straight posts about TV shows, I decided it was time to do another Why I’m Excited bit. It’s only been a week and a half but it feels just too long! And it’s the perfect time because in the past few weeks, there have been a lot of back and forths and switcheroos and casting rumors, and enough to talk about Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So I’ll get it out of the way right now: yes, you read the title correctly, I am excited for this stage of movies. I know that Edgar Wright left Ant-Man after about 8 years of work on it, and that did make me back up a bit and go “huh”. But I think what I heard was that Wright wasn’t incorporating much continuity into it, meaning he didn’t really want the characters to go into the larger Cinematic Universe. I can then respect why he wouldn’t feel right doing the project. They then hired Peyton Reed to direct, and Adam McKay to do some script re-writes. The only real concern I have with this process is whether or not the film could still make its slotted release date. Marvel has said a few times though that it is still intended for next July. Phew. One of the things that I do really like about this process of the new writer and director is the genre-blending.

Adam McKay is know for working with Will Ferrell on a big load of comedies, and I think it’s gonna be really cool having a script written by a well-famed writer of comedy. Most of these writers in the past have been mostly action writers, and you could argue Shane Black wasn’t, but he’s had a few dramas under his wing before, whereas McKay is just entirely comedic. And I still have faith in the guy! I think that it will really give the film its own unique style and edge. Then in other news, Scott Derrickson was recently hired to direct the announced Doctor Strange movie, with either Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy to star. Derrickson is another very specific genre writer/director: horror. This will again give Doctor Strange a really unique vibe, that it could be much darker, kind of Dark Knight-esque, only a bit more supernatural. And then there are all kinds of rumors just in the past day or so that we can also expect a Hulk stand-alone movie. My philosophy on all of these Marvel movies is that yes, they are all pretty different with their heroes, but Phases One and Two both feel extremely similar in genre and overall tone. Phase Three could use different genres to create different tones: Ant Man would be comedic, Doctor Strange dramatic, and Hulk could be that Phase One Marvel superhero worldly genre.

Final reason for my excitement: it’s Marvel. Marvel has been so careful and so carefully orchestrating their films plans since 2008. I seriously doubt that now is the time where they’re going to slip up. If you look at DC, like seriously take a look, they’re trying to power through and release three movies a year through 2018! But Marvel is very careful with their characters and they know exactly what they want the end game to be.

So really cool genre blending combined with a confidence in both the studio and production teams? In terms of Marvel’s Phase Three, that’s why I’m excited.


So guys those are my thoughts on why Marvel Phase Three will probably be awesome. What do you guys think, and what’s your most anticipated Marvel movie? Mine: Guardians of the Galaxy. Easy. There was a DC rumor that broke a half hour ago (from when I’m writing this) and I’ll do a post on that in a little bit. But whatever your thoughts on those subjects may be, let me know down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Excited: Marvel Phase 3

  1. Marvel phase three will probably not be awesome, phases one and two were not. Everybody knows DC is much higher caliber than Marvel.

  2. I agree Phase 3 probably won’t be as good as at least Phase 1 was. Phase 2 has been okay so far but I still think Phase 3 will be fairly positive. I did a post or two saying why I think DC is rushing a bit in their slate of films, though I’ve been delving into a couple of the DC graphic novels lately and think there is more than enough for them to draw from. As long as they take their time and make the right decisions when producing the films, then there’s no doubt it could be better than Marvel Phase 1. But those have to happen! Thanks for reading and nice comment section name!

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