Horrible Bosses Review

I’m pleased to say Horrible Bosses isn’t that horrible.

I thought the premise seemed cool, but could be used in a pretty cliché way. Luckily, it feels fresh. The premise of the movie is very simple. There are three guys played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day who just hate their bosses. All three of them say they really like where they work, but their bosses just have to go. And then one night after they’ve been drinking they think, “hey, why don’t we kill our bosses?”.

And that sounds absurd but the cast really pulls it off well. Before I get to the main three guys I’ll talk about the bosses who make the premise more believable. Kevin Spacey plays Jason Bateman’s boss, and this guy is one of the biggest jerks I have ever seen in a movie or TV show. He’s one of those guys that sets you up for deliberate failure, and Spacey is great as this jerk. Then Colin Farrell was in it as Jason Sudeikis’s insane boss. They say the guy is a cokehead, and it’s totally believable. He’s the most mentally unstable of all three, and you, like Sudeikis, will say you could run the place better. And Jennifer Aniston is Charlie Day’s boss. She is great in this movie. She’s trying to “get with” Charlie Day’s character, and he’s trying to stay away from her. If they made the movie focusing on just trying to take out one of the bosses, I think it would be her because her and Day’s plot is the most compelling of the three. And then there are the actual three stars of the movie. I guess Jason Bateman’s role was written directly for him, and he’s one of those actors to me where it feels like he plays the same role in everything. In this he definitely has more of a leader trait to him, and I can respect the changing up a little bit. Then Jason Sudeikis is pretty good in this too, though he’s definitely more of a sidekick to the other two. His personality reminds me a bit of Kristian from the Schmoes Know on Youtube, but maybe they both just have that comedic gruffness to them. And Charlie Day is the obvious goofball of the group. His character is really funny and likable at first, but we get to a point in the movie where it feels like his character is just an idiotic goofball the entire time, whereas before he at least had some brains. And it’s just things like that which take me out of the movie.

One of the other negatives here is that some of the actors feel like they would have worked better with others. For instance, I feel like Charlie Day’s character, the goofball, would work off better with Colin Farrell’s cokehead, it would just make more sense. And then Jason Sudeikis would work out better with Jennifer Aniston, who’s trying to seduce him. I mean why is Jennifer Aniston going after Charlie Day? She could do a lot better, which is why Sudeikis would be better off with her, his character is a lot more charming and suave compared to him. The only other major negative I can think of is that there are some points that feel paced very strangely. They spend a lot of time gathering info on the bosses, and I would have liked to see maybe a scene or two in the middle of the movie where the characters are at their places of work and they think the bosses are onto them or something like that. But hey, what do I know?

So a very talented cast and interesting premise mixed with some uneven plot points is enough to earn this movie 3 frightening workplaces out of 5. If you’re keeping track, that’s a fresh score, meaning Horrible Bosses isn’t really that horrible.


So guys those are my thoughts on Horrible Bosses. Have you seen Horrible Bosses, if so, which of the bosses in this movie was your favorite? Whatever those answers may be, let me know down below and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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