Community Season 6 Not Happening at Hulu

Yeah this is probably old news to you guys by now, about 10 hours after it first broke, but I’m still gonna do a post on it because: I LOVE YA GUYS. I love you more than Hulu does apparently!

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE fan of the show Community, and as you also may know, Community was cancelled about 2 months ago by NBC. Well since then, discussions have been running ramped that an online streaming site, or cable network or someone would buy the show to produce a sixth season, fulfilling the show’s prophecy of six seasons and a movie. Immediately after its cancellation, fans started campaigning for Netflix to pick it up, myself included. Netflix’s staff said in those live support help things that Community’s fans were breaking records or something with the amount of requests to get the show back, yet after the weekend Netflix backed out of the talks.

Then the weeks went on and nothing really happened, BUT in the last couple days of May, it was announced that Hulu was in preliminary talks with Sony to buy the show. I remember the exact day because I was at the library studying for finals, took a break and saw it as a Top Trending icon on Facebook. I was overjoyed. But now, it appears that today Hulu announced they will not pick up the show after all. That’s a bummer. I mean, it’s one thing to cancel the show, but they shouldn’t get our hopes up repeatedly only to crush us again. I get that selling a show is expensive and messy business, but you’d think Sony and the buyer wouldn’t have let these announcements slip out if they were just preliminary talks and weren’t anywhere close to it.

Oh, and here’s the real kicker: the show’s actors’ contracts expire on June 30th, six days from now. So it would be so easy to just give up and say, hey 97 episodes were good enough! But I don’t think so… All of the news stories say, “it is extremely unlikely such a deal will actually surface, though there is a mystery buyer still looking at the show”. That’s paraphrased, but it’s the basic statement. Well huh, where have we heard, “it’s extremely unlikely” before? Maybe after Season 3 of Community before a renewal? Maybe after Season 4 of Community after a renewal? Maybe after the rumors of Dan Harmon’s return to the show? I’m more confident here and think something must happen. And here’s what I think will happen.

Netflix has said no. Alright, that was a stretch anyway. Hulu has said no. That’s a huge disappointment and caused some loss of hope. Comedy Central is very unlikely in my opinion because the show was sent there to gain support in syndication, but really didn’t, so I doubt they would put money into a show that wasn’t even average in the first place. What I think will happen is TBS will pull a Cougar Town, because TBS is really the only other option. It makes sense, right? They’re the only name we haven’t heard in these discussions yet, they’re basically the comedy syndication network and they’ve done the same thing in the past. I mean granted, it is still a stretch and somewhat unlikely, but I’m a hopeful guy.

I’ve lost some Twitter followers tweeting #sixseasonsandamovie and #SaveCommunity, but hey, it might all be worth it in a few days. I’ve heard, oh it’s totally impossible to actually get a deal like this to happen, but I immediately think: the only thing I know is that impossibility is non-existent. It will be challenging not impossible. And if that’s true, that it will be extremely challenging to get Community to TBS or wherever that mystery buyer is from, then I think all the fans will agree: challenge accepted.


So guys, those are my shockingly brief thoughts on Hulu’s decision not to make a Season 6 of Community. What are your thoughts? Or if you haven’t seen Community, click here to check out my review of it (it’s so awesome!). So leave those answers down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys. #sixseasonsandamovie

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