2014 Emmy Nominations Announced!

I completely forgot that today was the day the 2014 Emmy Award Nominations were to be announced. To you that may be, “oh big whoop,” but to me that’s like forgetting it was Christmas. I literally watch these award shows like sports fans watch their team of choice in the championship. So let’s talk about some TV!

Small disclaimer: I will not be talking about every show/actor in every category, and I won’t even be talking about every category. There will also be no spoilers for any of these shows, so if you’re new here, don’t fret.

With that said, let’s dive right in with the biggest category of the year: Outstanding Drama Series. I was honestly shocked that Breaking Bad had only won this award once in its entire run, so for that reason, the fact that it’s now over in addition to its great final 8 episodes, I think it will probably win. Granted, I haven’t seen Game of Thrones and I know that it’s just the best thing ever, so a potential second place there. House of Cards is a show I’ve just begun watching and will delve deeper into once I finish 24: Live Another Day, but I think that’s it’s really cool it was nominated this year too. Of course I’m really happy that True Detective got nominated, as it should have been. As I said, I believe Breaking Bad will win this year and if not Breaking Bad then Game of Thrones, but I am thrilled that True Detective was nominated.

But where it really has potential to win is in the Best Lead Actor category. This one really is a tossup between just about every nominee (except Woody Harrelson, sorry Woody). I’m really rooting for Matthew McConaughey to win because his character was just so dense, but Bryan Cranston, Kevin Spacey or Jeff Daniels could all steal it.  If I had to make a prediction,I would go with McConaughey, just because Bryan Cranston already has three Emmys, and Breaking Bad will take home Outstanding Drama Series.  This is True Detective’s chance at this year’s show.

Outstanding Comedy is Modern Family. I was really not a fan of this season, which I’ll talk about in my review, but it will win anyway because it’s the Academy favorite. Orange is the New Black is representing though with a bunch of nominations! It’s the one this year that really has potential to beat Modern Family. And Amy Poehler will probably win Best Lead Actress, though an upset from Taylor Schilling is entirely possible.

I’d really like to see Jimmy Fallon win something, I know he’s nominated for SNL and The Tonight Show, and I think it would be really cool if he took one home in his first year as Tonight Show host. I’d also love to see Benedict Cumberbatch win Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries for Sherlock, though I think American Horror Story: Coven will probably take home to Best Mini-Series trophy. Another show I’m not a fan of, but is an Academy darling.

And as for Reality Program? Seriously, who else would you give it to other than the Voice?


So guys, those are my very quick thoughts on the Emmy Nominations for 2014, and who could win what. I flew through just the ones I found interesting or wanted to predict on, so leave me any other comments on the nominations down below. And who do you guys think will win in what? Let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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