Jurassic World Trailer Review


  • I have this friend who is possibly the only dude from my friend circle that likes talking about upcoming movies.
    • He’s not as into them as myself, but hey, anything’s a victory in my eyes.
  • Avengers Age of Ultron is currently my most anticipated film for 2015, and Jurassic World is his.
    • So we’ve both been counting down to the trailer.
      • And we were both pleasantly surprised when it dropped two days early (today!).

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2014 Emmy Nominations Announced!

I completely forgot that today was the day the 2014 Emmy Award Nominations were to be announced. To you that may be, “oh big whoop,” but to me that’s like forgetting it was Christmas. I literally watch these award shows like sports fans watch their team of choice in the championship. So let’s talk about some TV!

Small disclaimer: I will not be talking about every show/actor in every category, and I won’t even be talking about every category. There will also be no spoilers for any of these shows, so if you’re new here, don’t fret.

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