Follow My Movie Thoughts on Twitter!

Twitter had been such an amazing instrument in getting this site up and running, I found it fitting to finally launch an account for the site alone.

The Twitter account for the site is as follows: or @MMTsDotCom. Someone already had @MyMovieThoughts as their handle, and you can’t go beyond 15 figures, so I just did the site’s abbreviation.

I’ll take this post as an opportunity to also discuss three somewhat unrelated things too, but they all have to do with the site in general.

First, this refers to the Twitter aspect. Most of you who have found this site have done so over Twitter. Google still has trouble recognizing my site on its direct search for ‘My Movie Thoughts’ so Twitter has been an incredible place for (especially) Community fans, 24 fans and Planet of the Apes fans to find my site. The use of a hashtag is just incredible. Keep in mind, I just do this for fun and don’t have any advertising team. Anyone who has come to this site has done so just from Twitter, Bing or through word-of-mouth. So thank you to anyone who has come here from my personal Twitter account, and I’m hoping Twitter gets the site’s account into the their index soon, so my followers are less fed-up with the free-advertising!

Next thing I’ll take the opportunity to discuss here is the site’s use of widgets. I use WordPress in designing my site, and with WordPress comes some very tricky site management. They are a great sponsor, I love all the designs and cheap domain rate, but the first day especially, maybe even first week or two, their site-management is extremely hard to learn how to use. Even to this day I’m discovering new features they offer! Regardless, each WordPress blog or site has a ‘Toolbar’ which allows you guys (the audience) to find all the posts very easily. If you didn’t already see it, this toolbar can be found at the bottom of any page on this site. First you’ll see my 20 Most Recent Posts all listed, then you’ll see Posts By Month, which you can navigate through quite easily. After that is the ‘Like Us on Facebook’ link. Pretty self-explanatory. And then the most recent posts from our Twitter feed. And at the very bottom is a Search Box, which is very self-explanatory and also very easy to use. The searches aren’t super difficult to locate a post, and it is the neatest tool especially for when there are a lot more posts to show.

And the final announcement isn’t much of an announcement, so much as it’s a ‘This Is in the Works’ tease. As I said, this site is just a hobby, it’s not a job so I am trying to just have fun with it. That being said, I am attempting to develop a couple of new segments to add to the site. And I’ll explain what that means in a second. I was thinking of doing a ‘schedule’ of sorts, but in the past I’ve been terrible with keeping schedules, and I feel they’ll be too limiting. This is, after all, for my pleasure (and hopefully yours too!). I did however want to shake up the structure of the site a little bit and add a couple new segments. I already have the Why I’m Worried/Excited segment, which will be renamed to simply ‘Why I’m…’ when these next two come on. The segments will follow a gimmick similar to Why I’m… Each one will have a structure for me to follow and explain a certain thing each time about an individual movie. I’m still working on what one of the segments will actually involve though. The first one to begin in a month or so is already planned and will involve talk about older movies or critically acclaimed movies. The other segment is still in development though… I’m also working hard to do a whole cargo-load of Why I’m… releases for the next few weeks especially.

So two new segments, one launching soon-ish, another launching in the next month or two, in addition to Why I’m…, New and Old Movie Reviews, New and Old TV Show Reviews and all the fun rumor speculations and news atrocities!


So guys, don’t forget to go over and Like Us on Facebook ( and Follow Us on Twitter ( And keep on checking back to the site, and tell your friends! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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