24: Live Another Day SPOILER Review

It’s roughly 1:30 a.m., which means the West Coast has seen the Live Another Day finale, and I can talk spoilers on it!  That is an official SPOILER WARNING for anyone who hasn’t seen Live Another Day yet. You guys who haven’t seen the show, I implore you to check out my Spoiler-Free Review, linked here. If I didn’t mention it in there, I’ll say it here: you can jump right into the show at this season, so read the Spoiler-Free Review, watch the season, then come back here and have some fun with the rest of us! Clicked? Gone? Okay good!

I’m gonna try to structure this like I structured my spoiler-free review, which may be hard since I just want to talk about how AWESOME A SEASON THIS WAS. I’ll also be talking a good majority about the finale more than anything, so don’t expect small details from episode three or any crap like that. There will be mention of the episodes other than the finale I loved this season as well though.

First, the whole premise of the show. This season’s main selling point is: Jack is Back. After Season 8 ended, fans realized, ‘okay that’s the end I guess…’. However, we also knew that they were leaving it open for some kind of future elsewhere, and I’m glad that FOX did bring it back for another run. And after tonight’s finale, there is no doubt in my mind they will either bring it back again, or aggressively try to get a film made. I’ll get to the future of the show in a little bit, but I was really happy a year ago when they announced the show was coming back, and I’m glad it payed off.

And next thing is the plot. This whole season made sense. Margot al-Harazi and her plot were well-motivated and structured out thoroughly. Her daughter’s character was good, and I especially loved how they got rid of her character. First thing about the daughter’s death is that bus crash. Splat! I felt bad because you see the bus hit her, yet you can’t help but think of Roadrunner cartoons or something! I also like that after a certain point she just became unnecessary. I know it said she was probably going to die, but we never got the official word she did die. I’ll compare this show to The Following again, and very minor spoilers from The Following here. In The Following Season 2, after one twin is gravely injured and rushed to a hospital, they try to break him out a few episodes later, and the show doesn’t even pull it off well! This show proves that Margot al-Harazi was a much better mastermind than Lily Gray could have ever dreamed of being. Dropping Simone at a point just made sense to avoid dragging the plot on.

I also like the point in episode nine where they just said good-bye to Margot too. Jack throws her out a window? Okay, bye. It did make sense, she couldn’t avoid them for twelve full episodes. They really did what True Detective did, in exploring other opportunities with the few remaining episodes rather than dragging on. What I did say in my spoiler-free review was that I thought the final three episodes were set up for poorly. As I said, I really liked the plot of them and the episodes as a whole, but I just think the set-up was a little weak. There was mention of Kate Morgan’s husband selling government info in the season opener, then there was some mention of it during a little bit of this episode, but that’s it. If they sprinkled in maybe one or two more references, at least one from Kate herself back in the field, then it would make the final three episodes seem a bit more relevant and interesting about how the stories tied into each other. Now I’ll rewind a few episodes though and go back to, I believe it was episode 8? It was the one where Heller was ‘killed’. I was going back and forth with myself on whether he was dead or not. I usually watch these shows’ episodes at various points in my day, and I watch episodes 7 and 8 from about 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. (hey, the time thing like in 24!). After episode 8 I was so exhausted but could barely sleep wondering whether Heller had actually been killed or not? Since I watch The Following I try to catch stupid twists a mile away, but on a show like 24 that doesn’t do the stupid twists often, I forgive it.

Now going into the finale (or maybe final two episodes), the writers has each of these characters in some predicament that sets up for a solid finale to get viewers in. It really blends these predicaments well. Chloe has been kidnapped, Audrey is held hostage, Jack and Kate are on their ways to save the day. Each person in this season serves their individual purpose, which I applaud in addition to the lack of filler characters.

Then in this finale Audrey dies, and I guess we should talk about that. I think that the way they killed her was spot-on, it had to be from these Chinese hired guns, but I think the when could have been changed. Kate went in to take out the sniper, and she ran behind the tree. What if, after she comes out we see the gunshot? I think the way they did it was really emotional because Kate had just radioed in they were good to go, kind of like Hank in Breaking Bad when he called Marie. Only in Hank’s case the Nazis hadn’t shown up yet, but in Audrey’s case, this was then the second round of Chinese hired guns. I do applaud the way they killed her off, and I was really sad to see her go, but just the when could have been touched up a little bit. But speaking of her death, the three reactions to it were three of the most powerful parts to the entire show of 24 as a whole. First, Jack’s. Jack actually took a moment and processed it. The whole idea of this show is ‘every second counts’ but Jack knew that this was important and deserved to be honored. I find that very noble of him and it shows he isn’t just some machine. This reaction was one of the most touching moments of the show, right up there with Teri’s death. Then there was Mark Boudreau’s reaction. There wasn’t one. I think I was one of the few who picked it up, but I think them not telling him Audrey died was just powerful. I was very impressed by that decision in the writer’s room. And finally, I have another one of these bold statements for you guys. Yeah, I know they’re usually at the beginning or end, so sorry it’s in the middle this time: the scene President Heller has at the end with Audrey’s casket will be the clip that gets him a Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series at next year’s Emmy’s (with the whole show taking home the Outstanding Mini-Series Award of course…). Seriously, that scene with him was written in a hauntingly beautiful fashion, delivered with such crisp emotion, it really brought home the emotion that was running throughout this whole season.

That scene and the Chloe/Jack goodbye. The ending I did predict at the final commercial, as I said before. After Jack got the phone-call, I just knew that the Russian in cahoots with Cheng had taken her. I told my brother, “watch, Chloe will get to go free if the Russians get Jack, and the final shot will be him flying off in a helicopter or plane with them”. And I was right. What I didn’t expect was how sad the good-bye between the two was going to be! As I said, I was tearing up in that scene. I would explain it here and say why I love it, but you know why if you’ve seen it too. Then after they split, I thought the Russians were gonna execute Jack right there. I knew they wouldn’t, but I thought they may ‘pull a Following’ in the last couple minutes. Thank God they didn’t and my original prediction was right. I’m also satisifed President Heller lived through the episode because I really thought he would have a heart-attack after Audrey died.

Finishing up, what do I think will become of 24, the name, the show? I had mentioned how glad I was the show even came back after Season 8, and I’m really optimistic the show has a future from here. I think it’s one of the hits of the calendar year thus, and there’s not question it will be on my Top However-Many List of Shows next year. That doesn’t answer the question thought. It being so critically acclaimed and so famous, I think it would be crazy for FOX not to have it back in some regard, as long as there is some story to be told. In all honesty, I think no matter how the series ‘ends’ it will always have the same type of ending. Season 8 was Jack going on the run and Live Another Day was Jack being taken in by the Russians. No matter how the franchise ‘ends’ it will be something like that, because that’s how the writers have done it twice now, expecting each time to be the end. BUT THAT DOESN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION. Well it kinda does! I think FOX might bring it back for one last run of another 12 episodes if not next year then definitely in 2016. It worked well as a summer show, since summer shows are down in the ratings dumps anyway, it was slightly better than most. If FOX doesn’t continue it though, then I think there is definitely theatrical film potential. One last mission for Jack to break out of Moscow and get back to his family once and for all.

I heard some rumors that the writers were gonna kill Jack off at the end of Live Another Day? Well that’s stupid! They’re the writers of the show, and they haven’t learned the lesson that they taught us: Jack Bauer, like the show 24, can never die.


So guys, those are my spoiler heavy thoughts on 24: Live Another Day. As I said, I’ll probably review the first eight seasons at one point or another, but I gotta go back and watch some episodes I missed, re-watch some episodes I forgot etc. In any case, what’s your favorite season of 24? Let me know down below! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MyMovieThoughts) and Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/MMTsDotCom). And as always, thanks for reading guys.


3 thoughts on “24: Live Another Day SPOILER Review

  1. I am really hoping for another season of 24 now. I binge watched for weeks all 8 seasons on netflix, and when I heard Live Another Day was going to come out 4 years after they stopped the show, I couldn’t believe my ears! Live Another Day certainly lived up to my expectations, and I loved to feel that Jack Bauer tension that had kept me watching that show 24/7 when I was watching the original seasons. Great review and keep up the good work!

  2. I agree, I love the Jack Bauer universe and the great storylines, this season especially. I read today that the chairman of Fox is hopeful for its future (I’ll link the article here). I definitely think it will happen when the writers have another good story to tell. Thanks for reading!

  3. Awesome, glad to find another fan, thanks for the link that keeps my hopes high for another season.

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