Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Review

This morning I was hearing what a religious experience the Batman vs. Superman teaser from Comic-Con was, so when I saw the DC Cinematic Universe fan-page on Facebook found it on YouTube, I was excited. But that excitement was multiplied by a million after actually seeing the trailer. You guys can just disregard the Why I’m Worried on this movie, because I am now officially psyched for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If you guys haven’t seen this review, which I’m guessing 99.999999% of you haven’t, click this YouTube link quick to see it, as I’m guessing Warner Brothers is trying to take it down as we speak. Or, if it’s been taken down, I’ll do my best to describe it here for you.

This teaser is only about a minute long, but in that minute there is a lot of cool imagery. You hear this really intense music playing when the footage begins to role, and the first shot we see is Batman with his back to us turning on the Bat-Signal. He pulls this cover off of it and turns it on. Then the camera angle shifts behind the Bat-Signal, and we see Superman hovering in the projection. During this, Batman has his white eyes on, and Superman’s eyes are red, I’m assuming with fury. Then the music gets even tenser and it quickly cuts to the logo, and Hall H flips out!!

There were a lot of things I liked in this small minute of footage, and I’ll start with the theme that Batman had. It looks like they’re definitely harkening back to a ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ feel, and I think that’s really cool. I grew up watching re-runs of that show and it had a great story to tell, it wasn’t just some kids’ show. I like that this more comic-book element is separating the Zack Snyder Batman from the Christopher Nolan Batman. And going off that point, I really like that (similar to Wonder Woman) the Batsuit looks like Bat-Armor in this trailer and that’s cool too. What I really love is the white eyes effect he has in the Batsuit. For those people that were infuriated Ben Affleck was Batman, these will cover up his eyes, so it will be less obvious to tell he’s even in the suit, and that’s a plus!

Superman’s costume I won’t discuss too much, because it looks almost identical to the suit he had in Man of Steel. I like the glossier element that the teaser photo of him had, and you can tell it’s a lighter blue in this trailer.

And the most important thing I loved about the trailer was that it had one specific theme to it, and that is the important theme that it needed to express: there is a battle coming between Batman and Superman; and it’s bad news. I really hope that this movie has the Bane vs. Batman plot structure that The Dark Knight Rises has. What I mean is: maybe Lex Luthor will tell Batman to take out Superman and he does about 45 minutes into the movie. But then at about an hour and half, they have a back and forth fight before realizing that Lex Luthor is the real enemy. I don’t want it to be all set-up for one Batman vs. Superman battle at the end, and if that’s what the movie does, then I think we have a solid Batman v Superman movie here that I have very few, if any, doubts about now.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice aired today at Comic-Con. Again, if you didn’t see it, click here to check it out, which I think you should! I also put this cool fan-made poster at the bottom here for your guys enjoyment.  I didn’t make it (I’m not skilled), but I did find it on that same DC Cinematic Universe Facebook Page.  I thought it was pretty cool, let me know what you guys think of it down below!  And as always, thanks for reading guys.



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