First Photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Revealed!

Today the long awaited first image of Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman armor was revealed to all the screaming fans of Hall H in San Diego. And that’s all I’ll say of background because I want to talk about this news!

First I’ll discuss my thoughts on the armor in general, because this isn’t a costume: it’s armor. From what I’m hearing, the costume draws from the source material and is a reflection that Diana Prince is an Amazonian warrior (or something) and not just the female Superman. I really like that because it creates a new personality and tone for her character, but more on that later. I’m going to tread lightly a bit when writing this, but I also like that Gal Gadot has been ‘Michael Bay-ified’. Michael Bay-ifying is when you take a girl, put her in your movie, put an absurd amount of makeup on her, and dress her in such a very demeaning way, only to have teenage guys buy tickets. (I am a teenager guy, and I recognize this is wrong, so Michael Bay has failed, regardless.) However, I’m glad that this is not what happened to Wonder Woman, as it’s so easy to do with that character. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman looks bruiting and like she means business.

Now the other major thing I like about this photo is the theme it has. One of the few complaints I have the Marvel movies is that they all feel like they have the same tone and exist in the same universe, except for maybe Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I like how the picture of Wonder Woman has kind of a war theme to it. I like this because DC has a head start on what Marvel is doing in their Phase Three. In Marvel Phase Three, Ant-Man is going to have a comedic feel and Doctor Strange will have a horror feel. For DC, all of their characters are already so different (Batman being dark and realistic while Superman is an image of power and hope), that Wonder Woman having an intense and violent feel to her really alienates each hero in the best possible way. DC might finally have a leg up over Marvel on that regard, and it’s the main reason that I now have hope for Batman v Superman.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the first official picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. What are your thoughts on it, and who’s your favorite DC hero? Let me know down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.



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