Guardians of the Galaxy SPOILER Thoughts

Guardians of the Galaxy has now been out for a few days, and since I’ve seen it MULTIPLE times, I’ve decided it’s time to do a Spoiler-Thoughts post on it. That is an official SPOILER WARNING. I didn’t talk about much plot in my Spoiler-Free Review because I wanted you guys to go in the same way I did: pretty loose on any plot details. Lately, I haven’t been watching the ‘final’ trailers for movies, or any past the teaser and first two. But there was so much going on in the movie, I did want to get my thoughts on these points out to you guys who have seen it. If you haven’t seen Guardians yet, go see it for God’s sake! Then come back here and have some fun with the rest of us. Clicked away? Gone? Good.

Alright, greetings to all of you who did see Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend. Usually these Spoiler-Filled posts I do go so off-track, I’m going to try and find some points of focus, starting with the characters.

Anything I wanted to say about Star-Lord I think I summed up pretty well in my Spoiler-Free Review, but to recap: he’s really cool, really funny and is the best possible Han Solo-esque character there could be. But moving on from him, we’ll talk some Gamora now, because she was awesome. Her backstory, that I mentioned in my Spoiler-Free review, is that she is the adopted daughter of Thanos, the big baddie of Avengers 3. I had heard this before, but in the movie we learn that she hates Thanos. She’s his adopted daughter, not real daughter, and he wiped out her home planet, so she was waiting for the perfect time to double-cross him and Ronan. I don’t think that any of the Guardians will have their own spin-off movies, but if any of them do I’m hoping for either her or Rocket or both. And Rocket, wow. Bradley Cooper was so perfect as the voice of Rocket. The first scene Rocket is even in (the Stan Lee scene), I had no idea it was Bradley Cooper. I was thinking, “that doesn’t sound like Star-Lord, is it one of the officers?” But it was Rocket! And that was so cool, it wasn’t like an animated movie where you can tell who’s who just by listening. Bradley Cooper’s one of my favorite actors out there right now, and he blew me away yet again with this performance. And the perfect companion to Rocket was Groot. Groot is one of those characters that you want to be your friend after watching the movie (like Doug from Up). He’s so likable and nice and giving to others. And those three words he has are a comedic pleasure to hear every time he says them. I was a bit sad when he ‘died’. And I’ll get to that in a second, but first I’ll talk about Drax. As I said, I felt Drax was a little underdeveloped and unnecessary. That does not mean I didn’t find him funny, because he had some really good lines, I just feel like his character could have been one part during the prison and then we don’t see him again. I get that he’s an iconic piece of the comics, but from someone who knew very little going in, that’s just how I felt in respect to his character. Some of my friends read the Spoiler-Free review and saw the movie the next day and were all, “you hated Drax, what’s wrong with you!?” I didn’t hate him, I thought he was pretty funny, and I thought Dave Bautista played the role very well, but the character himself felt a little underused.

But now onto the plot of the movie, which was personally my favorite part. After seeing this movie repeatedly, I was trying to decide if I liked the characters or plot better and ultimately had to call it a tie. The plot of this movie is stellar. Let’s take it from the beginning. The first scene of the movie, as I said, is the most heart-breaking one. Peter Quill’s mother is dying, and she gives him this small gift before she finally passes away. This was perfect placement by James Gunn when writing the script, because as I said, if you flash back to it at some other random point in the movie it would feel extremely uncomfortable and out-of-place. Getting the emotion in at the very beginning and having some sprinkles of it at the end were great. But then after this, Quill takes his cassette-player and unopened gift from his mom and is brought into space mysteriously. Then the second sequence is the one we see highlighted in every trailer. The one where Star-Lord is taking the orb, only in the movie there are more visual effects. And I like the build-up to this scene. It’s playing music in the background while Star-Lord is dancing around and kicking around the lizards. This is a really cool scene to have at the very beginning because it introduces this orb as the key plot point of the movie. And from there we move onto the introduction of Rocket, or as I like to call it: the Stan Lee scene. I like these Stan Lee cameos more and more, because I remember back in 2002’s Spider-Man he was a bystander in the crowd or something, and you needed to pause the movie to see him. But as time has gone on the cameos get bigger and bigger and continuously more absurd. In Amazing Spider-Man 2 he’s a ‘guest at the graduation’ and actually has a few lines. In this he’s a random human on an alien planet, and I think he even winks at the camera? Anyway, moving on from there we go into the chase sequence that I enjoyed. I really liked from this part to when they get to the prison because it shows that these characters weren’t friends at first. That’s a really cool plot point that I loved and didn’t expect going in. I assumed Star-Lord would have assembled them all to help him for his own selfish cause but that’s not it at all. They really come together to break out of prison, and get ransom money. The prison break scene is one of my favorite sequences in the movie because I love a good prison break. Minor spoiler for X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I loved the prison break scene in that, and I loved the prison break scene in this. The prison break not only displayed how well the characters worked in the movie, but it also displayed some of the best humor. The prosthetic leg bit may be my favorite joke of the movie, but it’s so hard to decide. From there we move onto Knowhere, which is such a cool name for a planet, and such a cool planet in general! It’s a planet, that’s a robot’s old head. That’s really awesome. I think that the Collector’s collection (redundant, redundant) was a really interesting place. As you guys know, I didn’t see Thor: The Dark World, but I did see that end-credits sequence on YouTube, and I thought his character was really interesting. I feel like he’s one to watch out for though. I’m positive he’ll tie into the Thanos storyline in either Avengers 3 or 4, and when he gets all of the Infinity Gems, I think he’ll try to use them himself. I haven’t read the comics, just speculation. Speaking of not reading the comics, let’s talk about that scene where Gamora is left for dead in open space. I was not familiar with any Guardians of the Galaxy stuff going in so I thought she could have actually died. I was pretty sure that Star-Lord and Rocket would make it to the end, but these other characters could have been disposed of at any point. I thought, “Zoe Saldana is a big name actress so Marvel probably doesn’t have her down for too many of these… Is she gonna die?” But then she doesn’t! And that’s cool because she’s one of the best characters (not only female, but best characters in general) that we’ve seen in a movie this year. And I’m now going to move on straight to the end of the movie which I thought was executed perfectly. The visuals in the battle were great, all of the action looks fantastic when it’s going down, and it’s not a Man of Steel visually heavy destruction-palooza or a Transformers pile of explosion garbage, but it’s really nice and really realistic looking Marvel-style action. The first time that Ronan ‘died’ I knew he wasn’t actually dead. Then he came back, and the ship crashed, and he was dead again, and oh he’s alive again! I didn’t expect that. I thought, “oh Groot’s dead, that’s so sad… Wait, what?” And the way that Ronan actually was killed was so cool. When Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Groot all joined together and taught the young viewers in the audience about friendship, that was just a magical moment right there. The visuals in that scene were so flashy in the best way too, they just represented the most realistic was an Infinity Gem would kill someone. That sentence was meant to be pretty sarcastic… But anyway, let’s talk about Groot’s ‘death’ because who didn’t have a tear come to their eye there? ‘We are Groot’, man that was almost as emotional as Quill’s mom dying. Groot, man Groot’s just the best… He had the best ending scene too with him dancing along to ‘I Want You Back’ by the Jackson 5. I almost wish that was the first scene we saw new Groot in, rather than him sprouting to life in front of Rocket in the final sequence.  Either way, I’m so happy he’s alive and can’t wait to see him bigger and better in Guardians 2. Because, oh yeah, ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Return’! Marvel had always promoted this movie as their ‘one-off feature’ to have fun in without any ties to The Avengers, or any franchise potential. But having that line at the end shows that they had plans for a future franchise and to definitely introduce them in either Avengers 3 or 4. Whichever one is the final one, the Guardians will show up. I heard a rumor that Avengers 3 will be a ‘Civil War’ storyline, and if that happens (and it sounds AWESOME) then they’ll definitely be in Avengers 4.

But anyway, someone who won’t be in Avengers 4 and DEFINITELY has no franchise potential or sequels in sight? Howard the Duck. Now I had heard in a couple different outlets he would show up in Guardians. The first one was when the end-credits scroll was released and it said ‘creation of Howard the Duck to…’, but I assumed Quill would have been a kid reading a Howard the Duck comic or something. But then I knew that the end credits scene was him beforehand when I opened this Yahoo article titled ‘Does this Marvel Character Have a Future at the Studio?’ or something like that. And the first sentence was, ‘after his post-credits appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Duck’ etc. I thought that after the post-credits scene wasn’t showed to any press that it would definitely be an Avengers 2, Doctor Strange or Thanos tease. I was a little let down at first, then I realized that since this was intended to be separate from the Earth part of the Marvel universe, it would make sense if it were just Howard the Duck doing a bit. Since they’re keeping Thanos and Doctor Strange for the Avengers.

But I’ll admit, I did have a little anger that there was no Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser. After there was no public release of the Comic-Con, I smiled to myself and tweeted out ‘they’re definitely going to put it before or after Guardians’. So I went to see this movie on the Thursday night, July 31st, early so I would see all the trailers beforehand. Nothing. Alright, that’s okay. And then afterword, there was nothing either. In an ironic sense, the theater I went to on Thursday night had one of those green pages from the MPAA show up on screen right after the Howard the Duck sequence too, so I was all cheering and crap like, “YES, I WAS RIGHT!” But then I wasn’t and it was just a projection malfunction. So that was one of the ‘disappointments’ in an otherwise awesome movie.

Again, I’ve seen this movie a handful of times now and I still standby the 4.8/5 I gave it. It’s a brilliant combination of Star Wars and Indiana Jones with Star Trek and Futurama, plus some really effective and really quirky humor. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year (despite a couple no Avengers 2 teaser).


So guys, those are my Spoiler-Filled thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy. You guys know by now that I really enjoyed it, but what did you all think of it? Let me know down below! I always try to respond to your comments, so don’t be shy, I’m a pretty chilled-out dude! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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