Sony Launching Female-Led Spider-Man Spinoff

Yesterday, Sony announced that it would be developing a spin-off to their Amazing Spider-Man franchise with a female hero in the forefront. Before I make a one-line summary, here are two statements: I am NOT a misogynist, and I AM a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man movie series. With that being said, I will now tell you why this idea, from my opinion, is not a good one.

I give props to Sony, first of all, for recognizing that audiences have been wanting a female superhero lead after all of the awesome girls in movies this year. Think about it: we had Black Widow, Mystique, Gamora, Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow. But when you hear those names, there aren’t any that belong to Sony… If Marvel made this announcement, I would be so psyched. A Black Widow movie? Sign me up! If Fox made this announcement, I would be so insanely psyched. Mystique has been one of the coolest characters in a movie so far this year, and I would love to see her on her own in the 60’s. Even Emily Blunt has been rumored to be playing Catwoman, and if that’s true, I would love to see her have a good role in Batman v Superman (as opposed to Aquaman, Wonder Woman or Cyborg, since she’s actually from the Batman lore). See, I’m not discriminating or anything, I would love to see a female-led superhero movie, and was even hoping for one in 2018 from Marvel, but Sony doesn’t really have many to use… My point in all of this is as follows: who would this person be? Really, who would Sony’s female superhero lead character be? Black Cat? I thought the Felicity Day cameo role in Amazing Spider-Man 2 was cool and I’d love to see her in the Sinister Six (as I assume she will be), but her role wasn’t that significant. If I and the public in general came out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and said, “oh yeah, that Felicity Day, she was remarkable as Felicia and I can’t wait to see her in these films more!” But she didn’t even have that big a role. And in what small a role she had, she didn’t really own it that much. I’m assuming she’ll grow into it more in Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3, but as of right now, I don’t think she could handle her own movie.

But now let’s assume that Black Cat isn’t the heroine that Sony is looking at to lead their unnamed movie. Who else could it be? I’m making a strong prediction right here that it won’t be Spider-Woman, just because Sony isn’t looking to do a similar story to the one they’re already having trouble building. If they wanted to reboot Spider-Man with a female, then they could do Spider-Woman, no questions asked. And those being the only female properties Sony really owns, I would have to assume that they’re going to create a new character to lead this movie. I’ll get to the economical problems with this soon, but let’s talk what a risk that is for Sony. To create a character and not be accused of stealing it from another company is REALLY hard to do. There are a lot of superheroes out there with a lot of powers and I’m sure Marvel wants their Spider-Man rights back soon, so if Sony makes one accidental move and this female can run really fast, Marvel is suing them for infringing Quicksilver. Then their whole plan is gone. Plus, it’s really hard to get audiences in for an unknown or new property. Guardians of the Galaxy was a hit because of the positive reception, great word of mouth and star-power. If these were all nobodies in the main roles, the film would not have done as well by a long shot.

And that leads me into the economic downfall of this whole plan for Sony. I try not to be that guy who talks about money when making a film, because some of my favorite movies last year were indies with a budget of about $6. But for a big franchise like Spider-Man, which already had a movie considered a failure earlier this year, it doesn’t seem wise to try to crank out another movie that will potentially fail.

Now those are just my quick thoughts on this subject. Any way this goes down, I don’t see a good movie coming out of it, though I do give Sony props for the female-lead superhero idea. Btu hey, I’m not right all the time, and Sony, this is your chance to prove me wrong!


But anyway guys, what are your thoughts on this subject? Let me know down below! And if you want to check out my thoughts on the Sinister Six movie and pushing of Amazing Spider-Man 3, click right here. And as always, thanks for reading guys.


One thought on “Sony Launching Female-Led Spider-Man Spinoff

  1. This is an example of Hollywood milking a franchise for all it’s worth. Did we learn nothing from The
    Honeymooners remake with an African American cast?

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