September 2014 Update

Hello All! Every now and again I’ll do these informal breaking-the-fourth-wall type talks (which is weird since I break the fourth wall in my reviews all the time?) where I’ll just give you guys a small update on what’s going on if you haven’t seen content in more than a few days.

The update for right now is: I’m back in school, so I will be a bit pressed for time and only be able to put out reviews/miscellaneous posts one or two days a week. When I say that however, it means that you guys can expect A TON of content on those days (probably Saturday and Sunday).

Since it’s September and there aren’t a ton of new movies coming out, I was thinking to myself how I would review movies with fresh eyes, before realizing there are like a crap ton of classic (or retro classic) movies I’ve never seen before. By classic I mean past 20-35 years classic. Example(s): Fight Club, The Usual Suspects or even Sweet Sixteen (and you can click each for my reviews of Reservoir Dogs and American Psycho). There are a lot more not coming to mind, but you can expect reviews of those since I’ve never seen them and have some new, pretty unbiased eyes. (I’m going to turn to the horror genre a bit in October too.) I’ll also throw in a ‘My Favorite of All Time’ review every now and then. Along with all news (which I’ll get out the day it breaks) and pilot reviews, as it is pilot season. I’m trying to cut back a little bit on the TV reviews as it is ‘My Movie Thoughts’, but after mid-October I’ll have hardly any until the end of the television season.

Regardless, thank you guys all for sticking around, I’m so happy that this site is maintaining pretty reasonable numbers. And keep spreading the word and commenting your opinions!

And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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