Big Hero 6 Review

I was going into Big Hero 6 expecting a fun kids’ movie with some neat action. It was a lot more than that, and I loved every second of it.


  • Big Hero 6 follows the adventures of this one kid Hiro, who’s kinda down on his luck, and then begins on a great adventure with one of his brother’s robots, Baymax.
    • That isn’t a great description of the plot, but it’s the best I can do.

Cast and Characters

  • The characters are what drive this movie, particularly Hiro and Baymax.
    • Hiro is a hero we can get behind, and he’s a likable kid, which we need for a movie like this to function.
    • And Baymax, man. Oh man!
    • Baymax is possibly the most likable character in a movie since Doug from Up.
      • And yes, that’s a movie in general, not just an animated movie.
      • You look at Baymax and you just want to hug him!
      • He’s like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, only more fun, more direct and a lot more huggable.
      • I love Baymax so much, I got a picture with the blow-up Baymax outside the theater.
        • Now I wonder when the bobble-head will come out…
      • And not only those two, but all of the other characters are really functional too.
      • There’s this group of really smart kids that team up with Hiro to take down the baddie in this movie and I loved all of them.
        • TJ Miller was the standout because he was essentially TJ Miller playing TJ Miller.
        • The goth chick wasn’t as fleshed out as the others, but she did still work for the movie, I’m assuming they’ll do more with her in the sequel.
      • His aunt is in the movie, and she doesn’t have as big of a role but you enjoy her.
      • And the villain is a pretty standard “Disney Animated movie villain,” which you predict if you’re older than 13.
      • I really like the brother in this movie too, he seems like a really cool guy.
      • But in the end, special props to Baymax and TJ Miller for having their “steal-the-show” moments.


  • I don’t want to talk much plot because there is a lot of stuff in the movie going in that you wouldn’t have known based on the trailer, so I’ll leave the mystery to you guys.
  • The script really impressed me though.
  • This being a Disney Animated Movie, you assume it’s going to be all fart and loud noise jokes aimed at kids, and there were a few, but the humor in this movie was extremely clever.
    • I saw this movie with my brother and we, two teenagers, were laughing out loud in the front of the theater.
      • This is the first time I’ve actually been in the dead front row. Yeah my neck hurt a little afterward, but it was a good movie experience.
    • I was especially surprised by the dirty jokes they slipped in for the adults.
    • And there’s a post-credit scene (cuz it’s a Marvel movie) and that post-credit scene man…
      • After Nick Fury showing up to Tony Stark’s House, and Apocalypse at the end of Days of Future Past, this may be my favorite.
    • The film progressed really well too.
      • In terms of pacing, it’s easy for movies like this to bore me if they go on too long, but this was pretty good in that regard.

Other General Thoughts

  • In terms of negatives, I have very few.
    • One of the only things I would do might have been to trim down the movie’s run time by just five minutes or so.
      • Couple seconds here or there gone, no enormous scenes, but just some trimming.
    • Jeremy Jahns mentioned this in his review, but it did become noticeable after a while that the characters were starting to say “gone” instead of died, and at first it worked in passing, but after a while, saying “dead” is fine, it’s not gonna scar anyone.
    • A lot of critics have said this movie rips off How to Train Your Dragon too much, but I disagree.
      • Big Hero 6 is more like How to Train Your Dragon meets The Goonies, meets Iron Man, meets Teen Titans
        • With dashes of Guardians of the Galaxy fun and 2002 Spider-Man responsibility themes and family life.
        • And I’m referring to the good Teen Titans, not the Teen Titans Go crap…

In Conclusion

  • In conclusion, Big Hero 6 was a lot of fun that I had on my free Saturday night.
  • I liked Big Hero 6 a lot more than How to Train Your Dragon 2 and more than The Lego Movie, making it my favorite animated film of 2014
    • We’ll see if it beats Penguins of Madagascar though…
  • This is a movie I don’t need to rush back out and see, but it is a movie I can’t wait to add to my Blu-Ray collection, and despite its flaws, I had a fantastic time watching it.


  • And like I said, stick around after the credits because it’s HILARIOUS!


So guys, those are my thoughts on Big Hero 6! What are your thoughts? Let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reaing guys.


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